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AADIPURE - A perfect blend of quality, trust and tradition

Founder(s) Kamal Nigam and Neeru Nigam
Date of Establishment 28th August 2022
Industrial Sector Food and Beverages
Headquarter Noida
Presence Global
Awards and Recognition Trained by Khadi and Village Industries Commision

The human body needs energy in the form of nutrients and soluble vitamins to remain healthy and to function smoothly.  These energies we get through our healthy diet supplemented by oils, which we consume either orally by way of our daily meals or through body applications in the form of body or hair massage etc.

These Oil consumption sources help us in our digestion system by absorbing soluble vitamins & nutrients to generate energy for us to stay fit & healthy.  This helps our body organs to fight any kind of bacteria or viruses.

Selecting an appropriate healthy edible oil is as important as selecting our main course of meal items, as the oil which we consume gets absorbed by our body immediately and starts lubricating our system to generate energy.

Therefore, purity of edible oil is of prime importance for us and therefore, must be selected with due care and attention.  The edible Oils which we select for our daily diet and outer applications, must be pure, natural and free from any kind of chemical & additives so that they bring no harm to us in any form.

At “AADIPURE”, we are offering our premium quality range of Cold Pressed – Wood Pressed edible Oils and other Agro products under our brand name “aadipure” to take care of your daily needs. 

Our product range includes, Mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil, Black Sesame Oil, White Sesame Oil, Almond Oil, Walnut Oil and other Agro Products such as Raw Peanuts, Sesame Seeds(White & Black), Jaggery Powder, etc. 

Mustard Oil

Groundnut Oil

Black Sesame Oil

White Sesame Oil

Almond Oil

Coconut Oil

At “aadipure” we procure high quality sortexed, cleaned and sun-dried seeds and process them at an extremely low temperature of below 40O C in a wooden chamber to produce authentic and ultra-virgin quality of Cold Press Oils for you.

Since, “aadipure” oils are virgin oils, they help us in keeping our heart healthy and cholesterol free, besides other health benefits.   

All our products are free from any kind of chemicals, preservatives & argemone and are full of natural nutrients, vitamins & antioxidants.  They provide our body all the essential healthy fats that our body needs to remain FIT & healthy. 

While for cooking purpose, “aadipure”oils are digestive with great aroma & taste. They get absorbed in our body very fast and leave no remnants in our digestion system so that they do not create toxins in our body, which are generated by un-digested food.  

Similarly, for body applications, they feed our hair and skin with essential nutrients and nourish them well to keep them moisturised and glowing at all times.

We maintain very high-quality standards and hygiene in our entire processing activities and use only food grade and other environmentally friendly material to take care of our mother earth & the atmosphere. 

Founded by Kamal and Neeru Nigam, who are inspired by our ancient culture as depicted in Charak Samhita and Ayurveda, are committed to promote and support Healthy & Pure eating habits.


Our vision

At “aadipure” we are committed to provide high quality products with consistent innovation to bring you good health, wealth and wisdom and to bring value for your money with great satisfaction. 




Email: aadipure22@gmail.com

Contact no: 98106 21679.


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