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AP & Associates, A one stop solution to solve all your legal, business and financial challenges

Founder(s) Abhishek Avadhani & Naman Pant
Date of Establishment 01st April 2021
Industrial Sector Legal & Compliance
Headquarter New Delhi
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

Everyone has their own goals and ambitions. Similarly, every organization has their own milestones to achieve. It may be legacy, customer service or profit or at any step which is very important for the overall growth of the company.

To be so, moving the right piece at the right place in the right time on the board is very important. Which is why proper assistance being essential in terms of the overall growth.

Business Charcha is glad to introduce you to a firm that assists you and your company throughout in this wonderful journey. 

Introducing, AP & Associates, a one-stop solution to all your legal, business and financial challenges.

But before getting into knowing about this firm, let us enlighten you about the importance of advisory companies in India

First of all, an advisory company otherwise called as an advisory boutique, provides a person or an organization with the most appropriate strategic and financial advice regarding legal, financial and business objectives.

Many people underestimate a proper business support, right? But it is the most important thing that the advisory companies offer. They ask you questions, gives you advices and guide you through all your business challenges. 

Ugh! exactly what you need right? okay come let us now tell you about the India’s best upcoming advisory company AP & Associates.

AP & Associates offers you a suite of comprehensive capabilities mixed with deep industrial knowledge to all your business problems.

They also help you to focus on improving the profitability, maintaining investors relations, calculating valuations, investors reports and KPI of top executives in the firm so you can be away from all the distractions and achieve your business objectives. 

AP & Associates are the most trusted advisor and counsellor to many of the India’s upcoming Startups, MSMEs and institutions.

They work with technology to shape up their clients with new strategic plans that helps in the growth of the client’s core business. 

AP & Associates are the India’s upcoming financial consultancy firm that makes a difference by assisting you in your fundraising rounds (up to series A). This includes investor reports, pitch decks, valuation reports, financial due diligence, term sheets, legal services.

Now let us have look on the services that they provide:

At AP & Associates they understand the importance of meeting your business objectives and the value of efforts that legal, business auxiliary and other challenges take. By ourselves these challenges can lead to many distractions which restricts you from achieving your goals

Aiming to provide you with the best business, legal and financial solutions with a strong emphasis on ethics, AP & Associates provides you with amazing services like: 

  • Legal advisories such as, Regulatory compliance advisory, contract risk advisory, Intellectual property advisory, packing laws and food safety regulations, information technology and corporate due diligence.
  • They also help you to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication too which results in improved business performance.
  • Assistance in fund raising. This includes investor reports, pitch decks, valuation reports, financial due diligence, term sheets, legal services
Business growth advisory where they provide you with top class professionals and frame up new strategic plans to identify new markets, increase business in new demographics, SAM/TAM assessment, virtual CFO assistance, Books of account assessment, financial forecasting for up to 10 quarters.

Legal Services
Legal compliance advisory/Legal Opinion
Organization's compliance and contractual relationship with external stakeholders. Includes validation and verification of information exchanged between parties. Assisting with legal opinions with claims. 
Contract Advisory
Contract review/drafting, supply & purchase agreement, vendor/distributor agreement, logistical framework agreement, NDA, Co-founder agreement, Media agency agreement, any agreement which impacts business.
Intellectual Property advisory
TM search opinion, TM application filing, TM/Copyright License agreement, TM Infringement advisory, TM protection (includes legal notices)
Packaging laws + Food service agreements
Compliance of Legal Metrology act, 2009. Legal Metrology act (Packaged commodities) rules, 2011. The food safety and standard Act of 2006 and Food safety and standard (packaging and labelling) act of 2011. Promotional and legal advisory according to state wise regulations.
IT legal advisory
Data security/Privacy laws, Intermediary guidelines, contract advisory

Interesting right, Yeah, we know, you were looking for this kind of place for a long time right? we heard you and brought you the best of the kind! so next time when your organization.

Click on the link below to know more about and to contact AP & Associates. Choose the right path of success with the best guidance in India.

AP & Associates- A one stop solution to all your legal, business and financial needs.

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