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Introducing Affiliateiva.in a Unique Multiwebsite Online Shopping Site with A-Z of Shopping products

Founder(s) Abhranshu and Sangeeta Dasgupta
Date of Establishment 01st July 2018
Industrial Sector E-Commerce, Marketing and Branding
Headquarter Jabalpur
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

Online shopping is the new “it” and for the past two years, our lives have turned online, whether it’s entertainment, shopping, learning, etc. Covid accelerated digital transformation and increased the prevalence of e-commerce.

The satisfaction of typing in something you want then getting multiple choices of the exact thing you want and if you are an introvert, online shopping makes your life easy, no parking your car, no standing in queues and crowds, it’s all simple, and in your house 24/7. You can go online select a few options of the things you want to buy, read their descriptions, read their reviews, check their ratings, compare, and buy the best one, easy! But offline store? You can’t go from one store to the other, one after the other, one or two more stores you’d try to visit and check, but after that, you’ll be tired and done with the process. Where online, you can check various brands and websites, in a variety within a reasonable time and buy the best option without any hectic.

How can we forget about offers, sales, and coupons for online shopping! It’s all heaven for shoppers who for some reason or the other can’t go for offline shopping, and let’s be real, the availability of products in varying prices, quality, and brand, not only that, quick and getting the products on your doorstep is always a piece of cake! And the option to track your orders solves every shopper’s anxiety  

Whenever we want something, we search for it online first. Where it’s clothing or fashion for women, men, kids, gifts, and anything and everything we need or want.

But the biggest problem people face while online shopping is the guarantee and trust on a particular website.

How can one know that the website offering and selling those products are legit, trustable, to be exact, genuine?

Another problem is the variety of products available on a particular website itself. Wouldn’t it be a piece of cake or a whole cake itself, if all the types or majority of categories of products are available on a website, if not, genuine sources to purchase those products all collected and displayed to you on a single platform?


Affifiateiva is an online store selling products and a unique platform for shoppers, you may ask why?

They sell products such as branded clothing, makeup, jewelry, gifts, accessories, toys, health, their sarees, kurtas, and not only those they also sell online education, SEO, website hosting, resume writing, kitchen, furniture, electronics, and gadgets, offering loan, selling your secondhand car and many more products along with a huge variety.

How may you ask? And the best part will be the answer to this question. They sell such a high range of products by listing them through trusted websites. They show you what the product looks like, and they legit sell an A-Z variety of products, i.e., everything!

How to order? Hmmm, you open affiliatevia by searching affiliateiva.in or affiliateiva.com you click on the products you like, and they redirect you to their trusted seller’s website, and from there your order and get your orders to your place within a limited amount of time. They also restock and bring new products every week, so it’s all-new! You gotta keep checking on the new stuff to buy something amazing! It is a one-stop destination for various products and sellers.

Why affiliateiva? It’s an open site where sellers locally and internationally sell you products of high quality which will match your expectations.  Their objective is to make online shopping easy and a good experience for their shoppers as mentioned above via selling products from different websites and sellers on a single platform, which will make your shopping experience smarter, safer, and easier.

Mr. Abhranshu Das Gupta is the founder of affiliateiva, having experience of more than 20years in HR and recruitment cells within different industries. He has worked with many reputed companies, bagging several academic achievements including MBA, MCOM, CRA and now he has his own company which is a recruitment company at PAN India level, He is also a professional resume writer and an employee counselor.

Starting from 2018, the story of affiliateiva began, having a passion for the online shopping industry he wanted to do something with it. He then created a unique platform where you could search for any product you want and get redirected to a good website with safe, high-quality products.

So what are you waiting for? Go to affiliateiva.com or affiliateiva.in and buy amazing products at amazing prices with amazing quality!


Contact them via info@affiliateiva.com and 9584917778


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