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Asili by Anika

Founder(s) Anika Khurana
Date of Establishment 01st January 1970
Industrial Sector Handmade Products
Headquarter New Delhi
Presence Online Platform/ PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

About the Venture

Started by Anika Khurana in early 2020, Asili modifies the simple products into extra-adorable and attractive ones by natural transition of the material that starts off as a liquid and then solidifies. Resin molds and casts into varied textures and patterns, that can be mixed with colors to leave wonderful printings. ​"Asili" means ‘Nature’ in Kiswahili, the native language of Kenya, in East Africa. Kenya is where Anika grew up.

Formulating a diverse range of products with a highly durable and fascinating solidifying medium, Resin, the venture imbibes creating beautiful and unique artisanal products like glasswares, wooden boards, wall clocks, etc. All the products by Asili are handmade artisanal art pieces with a purpose, to be used in tableware, homeware or as Interior design pieces. They create glassware in: wine, whisky, beer and more, and also make coasters, cheese boards and other exciting products.

The products created by Asili by Anika, provide a purpose for your home. These products aim to add a tangent of beauty and uniqueness to your home and joy in your everyday activities, such as drinking from a glass or sharing a snack plate with family and friends.

Journey of Anika   

Anika Khurana is an artist specialising in Acrylic painting on canvas, and having an educational background in Textiles Multimedia and Fine Arts.  It felt natural for her to make a transition into a field and create beautiful products which have functionality, feel and texture.

Anika started her journey playing with resin in early 2020, just when the COVID pandemic hit, and initially started with adding resin on wine glass stems and has been fascinated by the results. In March 2020, she finally managed to get the right technique down and showcased the 1st set of glasses officially. For her it was a challenging as well as exciting journey, as the brand-new medium resin is highly manipulating itself. At first, she recasted 06 wine glasses and presented them to her friends and family, which were appreciated and got sales as well. Ever since then, she’s expanding and experimenting with this technique on different mediums and solids, figuring out how to use the liquid. Moreover, for her Asili started more off a passion that turned into business, so she enjoys thoroughly and makes a good marketplace nowadays, with a wider range of innovative and ornamentation products.

The Products

The Indian handicrafts industry is fragmented with more than 7 million regional artisans and over 67,000 exporters/export houses promoting regional art and craftsmanship in the domestic and global markets. Indian handicrafts are exported across geographies, with the top 10 destinations being the US, the UK, the UAE, Germany, France, Latin American countries (LAC), Italy, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia.

Anika Khurana - the brains, heart and hands behind 'Asili by Anika' started creating Artisanal hand-crafted art products which are made using resin or other materials to create a functional product for your home, such as glassware, tableware and more.

Prominent Features of the products by ‘Asili by Anika’:

  • Beautiful edition to your home and bar
  • Hand crafted using Resin to make an art piece
  • Makes the perfect unforgettable gift
  • Create an extra special table setting
  • Select the colours you like
  • Mix and match, and create your perfect collection
  • Avail for your home or as a gift to that special someone
  • Upgrade your tableware and homeware collection

  • Bring a warm comforting vibe and tangent to your home 

Vision and Mission

  • To bring something different to every home
  • To make a special occasion even more special through simple and unique products
  • To want people to experience and feel joy when they use the product
  • To enable people to feel the artistic journey and experiencing the moment
  • To train a team in the artform for large scale reflection

Future Goals

  • As Anika is working single handedly right now from a room in her house, she aspires to expand the space and team in the coming years.
  • Also, she wants to go for higher marketing through sales and social media by establishing a great team.

  • Start hiring and training people to work alongside her and focus more on creating more beautiful art works for homes and corporations, diversifying customer range. 
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