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Bamboo India – Social Entrepreneurship, Innovative Bamboo Products

Founder(s) Mr. Yogesh Suresh Shinde and Mrs Ashwini Shinde
Date of Establishment 15th June 2016
Industrial Sector Forest, Wood, Pulp and Paper
Headquarter Pune
Presence Guwahati and Shillong
Awards and Recognition - Recognized by United Nations on World Environment Day 2018 in New Delhi
- Invited in SAARC conference to showcase Bamboo Sector Success Story
- Exporting 18 countries worldwide
- Signed contract with world biggest Oral Care brand

1) Exploring Bamboo India

Bamboo India Mission is a Pune based startup firm established by Yogesh Shinde, a first-generation entrepreneur on 15th August, 2016. The vision of the company is to change the bamboo perception from The Poor Man’s Timber to Wise Man’s Timber by providing replacement to the plastic products using innovative Bamboo Products like Bamboo Toothbrush, Bamboo Earbuds, corporate Gift articles & many more. 
The objective of Bamboo India – A Social Entrepreneurial Undertaking is to solve this gigantic issue of overly plastic consumption through the existing bamboo products with a new age development process & create awareness through the following:

  • Optimum utilization of technology for bamboo processing and related product development
  • Generating nascent product implications
  • Filling the gaps for this unaddressed niche and becoming the knowledge bearers to both the governmental and non-governmental undertakings

2) Journey So Far (Challenges)

The present day plastic utility habits:

  • Plastic toothbrushes account for the 2nd largest plastic waste generators after plastic bags.
  • In India alone, 20+ crores of plastic toothbrushes are disposed relentlessly, every month.
  • All disposed “toothbrushes” ever, still exists beneath our planet since the inception in 1938

These are few of the highly alarming figures for plastic waste disposal as there are other major sources being used on daily basis which is piling up in this figure creating threat to our mother earth. Witnessing all of these created an immediate sense of responsibility and action for this couple to come forward and take a step for creating alternative on fundamentals of sustainability.

3) Value Propounded

Bamboo is considered as the wise man timber and is also supposed to be the planet’s largest grass. Its native species can be found on all continents (except Antarctica) ranging from the coastal South Pacific islands to the Himalayan mountains.
Dimensional characteristics of bamboo typically covers attaining its height and width within the first 12 months of its growth and  During the next few years its cell walls will continue to thicken and grow stronger until it reaches peak maturity, usually between 5 and 7 years.

Bamboo is strong, with the compressive force of concrete and the strength-to-weight ratio of steel.

With its three-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration, it is a uniquely efficient and responsible resource. Even sustainable timber can’t begin to compare with bamboo as a conscientious building material.

Its Renewability-
With slightest attention, a bamboo shoot can become a structural column within three years, which has the ability to stand strong, for a lifetime.

Though bamboo has traditionally been used throughout Asia, new treatment methods have given it a longer lifespan. Bamboo India, selectively harvested it from local sources to treat ecologically and later test in the lab for assured durability.

Over the period company has raised good command over the pricing of the product as well which starts from INR 49/- per brush

4) Accolades:

  • 2016 successfully incorporated to commence its journey of nature betterment. 
  • 2017 its offline sales channel got setup and its working went on platform in positive approach. 
  • 2018, the first ray of hope, success and achievement flashed as Bamboo India captured 200% sales growth and saved 100kg of plastic waste which was commendable job in itself. Company got it first public appreciation through UN Recognition.
  • 2019, Bamboo India did set up India’s biggest bamboo toothbrush plant in Pune and signed signatory MOU with India’s biggest toothbrush company. 
  • 2020 when the GDP severely got flashed by pandemic and economy setback, Bamboo India achieved an incredible figure of saving 1 million kg plastic waste. It focused on capturing its domestic market at particular point and created Brand Awareness through sustainable product. 
  • 2021 venture achieved milestone of setting up new plants in other parts of India like Guwahati and Shillong which is clearly showcasing the success, acceptability and reliability of the product among consumers. 

*By 2022, Bamboo India aims to successfully achieve the figure of saving 5 million kg of plastic waste and it is leaving no stone unturned to achieve the same.

Customers & Partners:

  • Oral B
  • Sensodyne
  • Dent tabs, Germany
  • Polycab
  • United Nation
  • National Geographic
  • Raymonds
  • Taj Hotels
  • Adrish Super Store
  • Thoughtworks
  • Tata Motors
    Growth Plans: 
  • Appointment of brand ambassador.
  • Create strong promotion campaign across all platform-Super market engagements like D-Mart, Start Bazar, Big Bazar, Reliance etc.
  • Hotel engagement for daily room amenities.
  • New creative ways to explore market like Airlines, Airports, Tourist spots, school promotion etc.

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