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Bamboology Trends- Start-up provides sustainable fashion solutions by focusing on Bamboo Clothing

Founder(s) Fahmeeda Chaudhary
Date of Establishment 01st September 2020
Industrial Sector Textile, Leather and Footwear
Headquarter Noida
Presence Online
Awards and Recognition -Natural, eco-friendly and sustainable clothing brand
-No or minimal byproducts generated
-Diverse category of clothing products
-Skin-friendly, non-infectious and long lasting
-Sustainable procurement of products

About the Venture

BamboologyTrends is an initiative by Femi Fashions, committed and passionate towards providing sustainable fashion solutions and focusing on Bamboo clothing, which is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. BamboologyTrends has initiated a mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing with a purpose to reduce impact of carbon footprint and take this sector towards a more approachable and long lasting phase. 

BamboologyTrend is not just a venture, but an emerging trend about wearing awesome and feeling good at the same time as it is vivaciously focused on sustainable fashion and is doing no harm to nature. Yes! It is into fashion, but stitched out of care and concern for ecology and environment. 

Key Strategies:


Evolution of e-commerce platforms runs parallel with technology involved in a fast-paced world to understand current trends, customer nerves and handling multiple stores businesses.

  • Working on current date MIS to replenish fast-selling items and implementing the strategy for upcoming season’s buying base for changing scenario tweaking budgets of different sub-categories. 

  • Adopting new SOPs and new technology upgrades from time to time as and when needed to handle big data for efficiently handling budget and business.

  • Withhold dynamic and complex process of product replenishment to branding and ever-increasing customer demands.

Major Challenges

The fashion industry is evolving dramatically, from traditional EBO or single store operation to Multi-brand outlets and chain of fully owned or franchise stores. Throughout the Fashion Industry the hoard is to create, dispatch, modify and create, barely giving a thought or look towards the waste being generated in the rat race of becoming No.1 brand. 

By 2020 - 2021 approximately 18.6 million tons of clothing get into landfills. This is creating an alarming condition and the current pandemic is a byproduct of such negligence towards our nature. All these eye opening scenarios had to be addressed and some major and serious steps were in call off. This gave birth to the idea of BamboologyTrends, as a mission to provide sustainable fashion by focusing on Bamboo clothing. 

A Profound Solution

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fashion fabrics, having immense qualities for better health and is very environmentally friendly as well. It can give us clothing that can work towards giving a better world to our future generations. BamboologyTrends emerged as a clothing brand which is having 95% to 100% bamboo fabric and producing products like Daywear, Lingerie, Sleepwear, Loungewear, Active wear, Yoga Wear, T-shirts, masks, Socks & many other products that directly touch our skin. 

Unique Features of Products

  • Anti-Bacterial: Bacteria on the bamboo fabric reduces to less than 0.2% of the introduced number in 24 hours.

  • Anti-Odor: Bamboo products absorb moisture (sweat) and oil from the skin glands, thus do not leave any foul smell.

  • Biodegradable: Bamboo is a 100% recyclable and renewable resource, causing no harm to the environment.

  • ZERO pesticide organic fiber: Bamboo is a highly sustainable, fastest-growing plant, which can be cultivated without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

  • Water-saving: Bamboo requires only one-third amount of water to grow compared to Cotton.

  • Carbon-dioxide consumption: With its natural ability to absorb CO2 from the air, bamboo makes a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gasses. It absorbs 5 times more CO2 against an equal quantity of trees. 

  • Oxygen Production: Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen per day than other trees of the same volume. 

  • Fast-growing: It only takes 3 years for bamboo to reach maturity. Bamboo can produce 5 to 6 times more raw material than a tree during that time.

  • UV-rays protection: Bamboo has 60% higher UV rays protection than cotton. UV rays cause  premature aging of the skin and signs of sun damage such as wrinkles. 

  • Thermos control: Bamboo is an all-season fabric, least affected by heat waves and chills.

  • Kind to skin: Bamboo is anti-static and sits well on your skin and causes no irritation.

  • Ultra-Soft and strong: Bamboo fabric is as soft as silk and stronger than steel, thus making clothes more durable

Mission and Vision

Awareness and sensitivity towards conservation of natural resources and climate change have increased dramatically over the last decade. Unlike others, this venture has chosen its purpose, created its strength, surfaces its ideology and roared towards conventional fashion.

The Mission & Vision :

  • To create a global impact to reduce carbon footprints.  

  • To create awareness through online portal, digital marketing and social media about saving the climate and sustainable fashion that can conserve our nature and planet earth. 

  • Being dedicated, honest and ethical in bringing an outstanding platform for your comprehensive clothing needs.

  • To transform the generic fashion industry and lay emphasis on sustainable fashion and styling in India

Road Ahead/Future Goals

BamboologyTrends seeks to work as the torchbearer of sustainable fashion and be able to create a global impact. The venture is one-of-a-kind and looks forward to establishing a local yet dynamic brand that ensures potential compatibility with nature in the most voguish way. 

  • Taking venture to new heights globally. 

  • Bring in incredible changes in the fashion world in a sustainable manner.

  • Become a flagbearer of a new era in the fashion world and textile technology.

  • Making fashion trends that even lets nature breathe.

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