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CARRY MY PET, India’s most loved and trustworthy pet relocation company

Founder(s) Mr. Faisal Islam and Mr. Aamir Islam
Date of Establishment 01st February 2019
Industrial Sector Pet Services
Headquarter 2nd Floor, Plot No, 269, Phase IV, Udyog Vihar, Sector 18, Gurugram, Haryana 122022
Presence Global
Awards and Recognition Times 40 under 40 award 2022, Best Pet Relocation Company 2019 by Petfed

The Most Trusted Companies to Watch in 2022 by Innovative Zone Magazine

Recognition- IATA member, IPATA member (Provisional Member)

Imagine, that you live a peaceful life with your four- pawed friend and suddenly you got an email stating that you are selected for your dream job at your favorite country. We know you will be filled with excitement, but what about your little friend to whom you laugh and cried at your best and Worst times. Don’t worry there is a solution where you don’t lose both of them. Yes, relocation centers. Just like the above-mentioned example, there are thousands of pet owners who are in desperate need of shipping their lovely little friends due to various reasons such as attending school, a new job et cetera. In order to help them, there are pet transportation services to help in the relocation process of dogs and cats and other pets without any discomfort and stress for them.

Introducing you Carry My Pet, India’s most trusted and loved international pet relocation company , who are very kind and well updated about relocating pets and are specialized in arranging animal freight and cargo.

Carry my pet being India’s most loved pet travel services, was started by Mr. Faisal Islam and Mr. Aamir Islam who are extremely passionate and well educated about the needs of the pets. Planning a pet move is an extremely overwhelming as well as time-consuming job. Carry my pet reduces the discomfort and stress for your love little friend and handle them with proper care throughout their travel. In fact, they work hard towards maintaining hassle free life of the pet owners by providing them with reliable, economical and fast services so that they do not have to think twice before planning a vacation.

Carry my pet also cater to pets that are difficult to transport which includes giant breeds and Ferocious dog breeds. They also provide customized services to the puppies which comes from breeders according to their unique needs. As a professional international pet shifting company, carry my pet make sure that all the aspects of moving your little ones are covered. They are experts in planning a perfect travel for your pets. They even notice simple details that you don’t even think about and make sure that your pet is relocated with utmost care. They provide you with the detailed information about the procedure of the animal relocation process so that you have no worries about your friend. Your peace of mind is their most important matter in the entire travel process.

Let us dive into the amazing services provided by carry my pet for your love little ones

Carry my pet is an amazing and the best pet delivery company in India. They provide solution to various problems of the pet owners under one roof. They cover each and every need of the pet owners right from providing vaccination to micro chipping the pet and carrying out titer test. The following are the services Provided by carry my pet, explained in a simple way so that you can understand them with Ease.

International as well as Domestic relocation of pets

Carry my pet provide hassle free, convenient travel of your pets to move abroad. They explain you each and every detail about the rules and regulations of other countries in order to ensure your peace of mind so that you have no worries about your pets. They also provide domestic relocation service which is safe, fast, and just one call away.

Pet Microchipping 

Microchips not only helps to find your pets with ease if they are lost but they also provide peace of mind for the owners of the pet. Carry my pet works with some of the best veterinarians across the country towards microchipping a pet with 15 digit non-encrypted ISO certified microchips.

Pet Boarding

Carry my pet aims at providing hassle Free and more comfortable journey for your pets. They give your pets a comfortable ride by arranging them a homely as well as a friendly environment in the boarding facilities provided by their reliable agents.

Rabies Titer Test

Rabies titer test is known as Rabies neutralizing antibody titer test. The test checks for any antibodies present inside the bloodstream of your pets That neutralizes rabies virus in your pet’s bloodstream. It is basically taken to Estimate the immune response of your pet against the rabies virus.

Carry my pet is India’s only relocation company, involved in successfully conducting rabies Titer test for animals through authorized labs around the world.

Import/Export NOC

NOC is nothing but the import permit for your pet into the  country. No matter whether your pet is brought as cargo, accompanied baggage, or in-Cabin on the aircraft, you require the NOC. Carry my pet ensures that you get this certificate which helps in the entry of your pet in a country smoothly.

So, are you thinking to go and pursue your dream job at your favorite country or plan your vacation without any stress about your pets? Carry my pet will ensure a safe, hassle-free, reliable travel for your lovely little ones.

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