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Founder(s) Nikhil Sabharwal
Date of Establishment 01st May 2022
Industrial Sector Textile, Accessories and Gifting
Headquarter Delhi
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition -

Okay, as you all know, people nowadays prefer to be comfortable in their clothing and looking cool is an added advantage. 


But you can't just be cool. It is equally important that what you wear is expressive of your thoughts and feelings, no? 


Okay, let’s come to the point. We have found this interesting guy, who loves to incorporate minimalistic ideas with various techniques to create amazing pieces of art. And yeah, you can be the next one to own one of his amazing works!


How, you ask? Come let us give you an insight about how to get yourself the best hand-painted tees in India.

ELEM-your one-stop solution for all your minimalistic needs
ELEM stands for the phonetic description of the letters L (EL) and M
(EM) which in turn stand for Little of this More of that! INTERESTING……!!!!

Without any further dilly dally, let me introduce you to this calm and creative human. He is none other than Nikhil, a fitness enthusiast who may look very rugged but believe us guys - looks can be very deceptive.

Nikhil has an excellent skill of playing around with colours and techniques to create amazing hand painted T-shirts. And of course, he is very friendly towards his customers where he understands their exact need and exhibits the same in his work.

Founded by Nikhil himself,
ELEM is a place where you can get the best hand painted T-shirts in India. Besides T-shirts, he also does tops for women, hoodies, sweatshirts and is now working on clothes for kids too. 

If you love to be simple and minimal, ELEM is the exact place you were searching for.

This is where you can get your perfect, minimalistic, comfortable clothing that helps to put a smile and express yourself about who you really are. You can wear it, flaunt it or gift it. The choice is yours.

They use high-quality fabric which is hundred percent Cotton, made in India and is extremely soft and comfy. The paints that are used in the course of painting your clothes are absolutely skin friendly and do not cause any harm to you or your skin in any case.

What about the designs? They are of course really cool! Whatever it is, right from the cute little hearts, to your lovely little friend’s paws or sports and music, He can create and curate amazing pieces of hand-painted clothing that suits all your thoughts and needs.

so We are telling you again guys! HE IS JUST AMAZING! Don’t
hesitate to buy them, just go for it! They are amazing to wear yourself, for your whole family or even to give as gifts to your loved ones.

We have been talking about hand painted tees BUT what’s amazing is that ELEM Studio also does printed clothes for Men, Women and Kids. The options are unbelievably massive. 


You can either purchase the pre-available Printed or hand-painted tees in their website mentioned below, or you can contact Nikhil himself and customize them according to your thoughts and needs.

So, click on the link given below or contact him now to be the next one to wear his excellent work that matches your soul! 

E L E M! 



Website : elemstudio.in 

Email : elemstudioindia@gmail.com

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