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Start-up, lead by Arpan Ghosh is transforming complex UAV tech into easy products for India's Special Forces

Founder(s) Arpan Ghosh
Date of Establishment 10th April 2018
Industrial Sector Defence
Headquarter Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition -Many products are acclimatized, utilized and acknowledged by different national agencies, including NSG, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Police Department of various states
-Human Droid & Alpha Droid - awarded by CBSE in 2013
-Alpha Droid - Recognized by Intel Iris Fair, 2013
-Letters of Appreciation from many government organizations and Prime Minister’s Award for Alpha Droid 2014.

About the Venture

Encompassing the innovation and manufacturing of a wide array of electronic and motoric devices, Gamma Rotors was launched in 2018 by Arpan Ghosh, an alumnus of Amity University, Noida. Since inception, they have a streak of innovating a variety of aerial vehicles, UAVs, Drones, RCWS, Camera Stabilization Systems, Neural Networks and much more. The tech-stack is an in-house discovery of a vibrant team which brings on-board, the expertise to deliver par excellence, meeting customer expectations.

Gamma Rotors has envisioned to create cent-percent indigenous product to offer quality and extend longevity meeting best commercials. They possess an unparalleled dedication towards R & D and hence an inherent culture to pursue innovation with curiosity, powered with highly experienced and technical professionals, forming a lean yet powerful team.

Coming up with the Unique Innovations

“We innovate by starting with the customer and working backwards. This is the touchstone for how we invent”- says Arpan, who has been fascinated about human controlled machines, since his boyhood. This curiosity and interest crafted the background for an apparent and comprehensive decision to discover nascent technologies and products that could support humankind kinds and serve for a variety of use-cases.

HUMAN DROID - a robot that could alias human action to diffuse bombs and help the Bomb Squad defuse it without compromising their valuable lives, was developed by Arpan and his early team in 2013. This innovation led him to win the CBSE Regional Science Exhibition which saw a participation from all the flagship institutions across the geography. In continuation to his innovation streak, he introduced to the world of robotics- ‘Aerial Bomb Defusal Robot’ - ALPHA DROID, a one-of-a-kind invention which won him consecutive laurels at CBSE Regional Science Exhibition, in the same year. Unstoppable, becoming Arpan’s identity, he was chosen for “Intel Iris Fair - 2013”. In 2014, Arpan received the Prime Minister’s Award along with distinct letters of appreciation from various government organizations for his project, ALPHA DROID.

Working with a forward approach, he consistently designed many successful products at the forefront of innovation and invented nascent approaches to technology at Gamma Rotors, which came into existence in the year 2018. Since then, Gamma Rotors has never looked back and are continuing with serving various national and international agencies with their impact worthy & distinct unmanned gadgets.

Vision and Mission

  • Gamma Rotors focuses on transforming the complex technology into easy-to-use devices and products.
  • With an aim to provide best services with top notch quality, Gamma Rotors is more into innovating than imitating, proving than showing.
  • Their prime mission is establishing a stability within that depicts itself outside with potential quality and dynamic crafts.
  • They believe curiosity is the heart of every creativity. Every idea, every ground-breaking leap that changes our world starts with the vision of passionately curious creators.

Gamma Rotors lays their vision in context with its specialized systems and devices showing extreme power, precision and potentiality in redefining the mechanical machines into high-tech and affordable devices, proving on the ground.

Gamma Rotors Product Line

Each and every product of Gamma Rotors is mechanized in a manner to redefine the its industrial use-case, it is being used in, whether civil, defense or corporate, that has been most accurately assessed and proved ON THE GROUND.

Gamma Rotors Product Line includes:

  • Surveillance - Protection and security guidelines
  • Air Deliveries - Upto 100 kgs of load can be carried and delivered up to very large distances
  • Combat Drones and Anti Drone Systems
  • RCWS (Remote Control Weapon System) - Defense Applications
  • Drone-based Cellular Communication Intelligence with partner company - Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) LTD, United Kingdom
  • Landmine Detection - UXOs & Plastic IED
  • Mapping - Giga-pixel Cameras and LIDAR
  • NBC Warfare and Firefighting Drones
  • Agricultural Drones - Mapping and Analysis
  • Camera Stabilization System that redefines camera placement and logistics carrying capabilities.

Esteemed Clientele & Network

Gamma Rotors have established a diverse base with clients from wider fields of public and private sectors in India and foreign countries. Their diverse customer foray includes Indian Defense Sector and internal security forces as well. With this, they have also partnered with many multinational and trans-continental companies that are continuously involved in accompanying the futuristic co-creations with Gamma Rotors.



Indian Army

Central Reserve Police Force


Border Security Force

Traffic Control Branch, Mumbai Police


J & K Police

Maharashtra Police

Indian Air Force

Delhi Police

AP Police





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