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Lets Game Now, envisioning it to become Asia's premier #esports platform

Founder(s) Santanu Basu
Date of Establishment 11th November 2018
Industrial Sector Media and Entertainment
Headquarter Singapore
Presence Online - National and International Participation
Awards and Recognition -Featured by many publishers and news portals including DNA, IndiaToday, etc.
-Organized the Virtual Bundesliga Indian Edition in 2019
-Hosted India Today League Valorant Cup 2020
-Conducted tournaments for PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Dota 2, Free Fire, FIFA and many more..

About the Venture

Looking at the eSports world and the hidden success spark in its engine, Lets Game Now is a Singapore based e-Sports platform revolutionizing the era of  online gaming. They are a bunch of gamers who came together with a like-minded vision and scope of turning the world of gaming. Having expertise in creating tournaments for varied games online, they have literally given a stream to the youngsters who are really into polishing their gaming hands. 

Lets Game Now is a simple to use esports portal for all types of gamers. With a variety of online tournaments, gamers get the chance to qualify for international tournaments, get noticed and build a career as a professional, or just play for fun against friends and compete regularly for cash prizes. On their portal, gamers can participate in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. In addition to the online tournament, the company has also sent eSports gamers to represent India on the international stage. Malaysia, Thailand, Maldives, Singapore and Germany have been the countries where participation in tournaments has been covered by the players from Let’s Game Now players. 

According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), video gaming is a $10.5 billion a year industry. A number of leagues and three major governing bodies for video game competitions now exist across the world, with the biggest players and largest fan bases in South Korea.

The Story Behind

Santanu Basu, six years old, suffered from acute pancreatitis, and had to stay at home for a period of time. There he engrossed himself into the world of video games, initially as a toy but soon he took it to another level, and the rest is all open for the world to see and admire that how even in the confined state of grim this positive and achiever mind did this wonder. He went to Mumbai to participate in the WCG tournament in 2007, travelled in an unreserved compartment without a ticket and slept on the pavements for three days. Two fellow gamers from Mumbai bought him food. However, he ranked 3rd in the Mumbai qualifiers, after which a company named “games2win” offered a job and a flight ticket to Kolkata to Santanu. 

Santanu took his passion and love for online gaming forward and converted it into an open platform with a team of experts into the same stream. Providing a direction and monetary convertible scope to all those upcoming games, who would have lost it in the midst of gaming being a time pass and time killing activity. Santanu gained the basic experience in online and virtual gaming, and came-up with a unique and interactive platform organizing a vast number of tournaments across multiple games - Lets Game Now!! offering gamers a platform to showcase their talent on a global stage. 


Starting their journey in 2013 with AFGC - Asia’s longest-running E-sports football tournament operating in 16 countries, Lets Game Now is a group of regular gamers who decided to conduct online tournaments for other gamers around the world. As they commenced further, they added more and more gamers world wide. In April 2014, Santanu Basu, the face behind the emergence of this venture, turned into an overnight sensation after he secured fourth place at the international esports tournament in China. One can consider him as Messi, Kaka, Ronaldo for his commendable performance in virtual football. 

In 2019, they hosted the Virtual Bundesliga Indian Edition to expand its scope and add more eSports titles. Lets Game Now organizes offline and online tournaments on a regular basis for multiple popular online games. Apart from tournaments, they have conducted games for single player and on squad basis as well. Currently, they are hosting PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Dota 2, Free Fire, FIFA tournaments, and many more. They host free and paid regular online tournaments for PUBG Mobile (solo and squad), Call of Duty Mobile (Squad), and Dota 2 (solo mid and team).  Lets Game Now also hosts Major Monthly Tournaments at the end of the month. 


Vision and Mission

Lets Game Now’ owner and President of APESCON (Asia Pacific Electronic Sports Confederation), Santanu Basu has worked tirelessly to offer an international platform for Indian eSports professionals through the years. 

  • The main objective of Lets Game Now is to create an eSports platform for all South-Asia and South-East Asia gamers. 

  • They aspire to establish a global platform that is available to all gamers, and prepare them to achieve international glory. 

  • They strive for international players to play with them, win tournaments and exciting prizes, and also a chance to play in international tournaments as well. 

  • They look forward to encouraging players from its own platform to participate and play in international leagues as well. 

Future Goals

  • Lets Game Now hopes to continue with the streak in coming years beating its competition to the punch. 

  • They are looking forward to establishing a well-defined format for gamers that is easily accessible.  

  • Let’s Game Now wants to take this era of online gaming and streaming to a level, where it gets considered to be one of the best options to earn and learn.

  • They want to build an embracement over global and online platforms. 

  • Also, boosting the esports industry providing worldwide viewership and participation.

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