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Founder(s) Anandu Kumar, Suvidha Naik, Peter Sabu
Date of Establishment 03rd January 2021
Industrial Sector Food and Beverages
Headquarter Pune
Presence Pune
Awards and Recognition --

Nutrition is something that a person or an organism needs to live their life, to survive, to perform actions, and to protect themselves from any kind of diseases.

It is basically a process of obtaining and absorbing the adequate nutrients needed by your body when you consume food. But the thing is, the nutrients needed by your body is only absorbed through a healthy diet and only then you will get the fuel that you need to perform your daily actions as well as to protect you from diseases like obesity diabetes cancer etc.

But how? Being in a healthy diet means, less sugar,  less salt, less spices and the most exhausting of all is less taste, right?

yeah, we know, many of you may have a lot of  questions about being in a healthy diet? And we also know that you are in a very bad situation where your body needs to be healthy and fit and consume healthy foods while   your tongue craves for some delicious Junk  foods  which  are bad for your health. isn’t it?

Guess what guys , we have found the perfect solution to all your questions and problems. Oh yeah! we have found you a place where you can get both healthy as well as super delicious food.

Believe us guys you are simply going to love this  place

But before getting into knowing about this amazing place do you know what is quantified diet and do you know you can easily lose pounds without even being in a very strict diet? how? All you must do  is, you should measure your essential nutrients that you are consuming every day. So quantified diet is very important to bring your body in a proper shape and keep your protein carbs and fat intake in a proper amount and the place major focus on providing you with the proper nutrients that is the quantified diet.

Paushtikk Switch - Good food plus great taste is equal to better health and best mood!

Wow, a great deal, right? Yeah, PAUSHTIKK SWITCH is a place which is a one-stop solution to all your tasty as well as healthy needs. And finallywelcome to the time where you can say a big goodbye to all those preservative rich sauces and to all those breads and spreads which are being promoted as super healthy but they are harmful to your body.

Don’t worry guys ! Say a big no to all those trans-fats! PAUSHTIKK SWITCH is here to help you to turn on your health switch and to achieve your superbomb goals in a very less time. Okay enough! Let me enlighten you further about this amazing place.

Found by a Trio of super talented people! PAUSHTIKK SWITCH is truly wonderful where you can order and get some super delicious and healthy food from all over Pune, which are free from all kinds of preservatives chemicals and toxins. They served around 1500+ meal subscriptions each month and Their aim are to help people to achieve their healthy goals in a very hassle-free as well as quick way and they also focus on inventing and curating some delicious healthy substitutes in every cuisine instead of all those boring foods that you consume in the name of a healthy diet.

Thus, their ultimate mission is to make healthy food taste better.

And , Guys you know what? The best part is you can customize! yes you can customize your premium meals according to the type of the diet that you follow. whether it is, or paleo or IF there are some super delicious meals that you will absolutely love and crave for and they also provide some super healthy and delicious salads, where you can even subscribe to them, every month, pre-workout food, post workout food, smoothies etc. and they also provide premium foods for weight gain, weight loss and much more, amazing right?

They also provide super delicious breakfast lunch and dinner and super affordable prices to multiple locations all around Pune that are rich in  carbs , proteins and fats which gives you the right amount of nutrients needed by your body to achieve your goal.

ohh jeez! that is amazing! Interesting right? Told you! So why are waiting nah! common click on the website below and turn on your Healthy switch with Paushtikk Switch!


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