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This fitness Instagrammer lets you work out and make friends from the safety and comfort of home

Founder(s) Sahil Singh
Date of Establishment 01st May 2020
Industrial Sector Beauty and Wellness
Headquarter New Delhi
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

"Be fit because you deserve it, each person deserves to be fit. It is self-love, you have to do something for yourself. If you are fit, you can handle any situation that life throws at you."

-Yasmin Karachiwala, Celebrated fitness trainer & author

Raising A Glass to A Cocktail of Health, Fitness & Mindfulness!

The pandemic was a disaster, and there are no two opinions on that. But looking at the silver lining in the cloud, it surely shook up a lot of sleeping souls who didn't give two hoots about fitness, or their overall health in general.

Health and fitness were now given their due of respect, for people saw their dear ones suffer owing to their poor health, obesity, hormonal imbalance, or other chronic lifestyle diseases.

And to say that Covid-19 helped fitness and other related industries prosper won't be untrue.

Numbers also support this claim wholeheartedly; A McKinsey report suggests that 40% of the general population now consider wellness a top priority in daily life. Mobile data and analytics provider App Annie claims that 2020 saw a whopping 71,000 new fitness and health apps being launched. It was no different for India, as we observed a staggering 156% boost in downloads of fitness-based apps.

The Age of “Influencers”: Why Do They Matter?

Why are people hitting the gyms or are getting more interested in maintaining themselves now more than ever?

The virus definitely had its part to play, but what else can be attributed to this surge is the growth of influence culture in the health and fitness domain.

When the audience checks out their favorite creator sweating it out and sharing the benefits of healthy and mindful eating, they are influenced in a very positive sense. Owing to the immense reach and engagement that platforms like Instagram possess, more and more people are getting inspired daily to get started on a health journey.

But mind you, people are not getting into fitness because they want to get into a particular shape, or they want to imitate some impractical body size of some celebrity, but because working out makes them feel good.

They feel healthy, more energetic, and more cheerful than their previous selves. This exactly is what positive influencing looks like, when the influencers know their stuff inside out, and can help their followers to be a better version of themselves and not fit into any societal molds or expectations.

And one such influencer who is improving the lives of more than nearly 50,000 people is Sahil Singh (Ig: Fitness Cocktail)!

Know Your Trainer: Who is Sahil Singh?

An athlete, a model, a fitness professional, an engineer, a consultant & an influencer; out of the many hats that Sahil has donned, his only mission is to make people aware of the magic that fitness can bring in their lives.

Recognizing the significance of self-care and mental health, his emphasis is not only on getting bulked up or getting that hourglass body, but on everything from the right training to eating the right ways.

For Sahil, physical fitness doesn't begin on a routine or bench. It begins in the mind. Mindfulness encompasses a keen understanding of your body, its characteristics, and its functions. It's the first step and crucial component of a heartiness program. Before you can control your body, you must understand and connect with your inner tone. Careful consideration of your beliefs, studies, behaviors and pretensions will help you to achieve physical results holistically.

As a child, Sahil was immensely immersed in sports. He was naturally good at football and athletics and has represented his school and college in various competitions at various levels.

After completing his Mechanical Engineering from The NorthCap University and scoring a high-paying job, something was still amiss. His passion for fitness was much greater than his well-settled job, so he left it and pursued what he loved the most.

He then completed his Bachelors in Physical Education from the esteemed Jaipur University and began taking Personal Training Sessions and Group Classes of Spinning, ZUU and Les Mills Body Combat.

As he also went on to pick up the art of Taekwondo and Boxing, he eventually mastered it and was certified to train, and also tried modelling side by side.

His career ambitions were not like everyone else's, his pursuit to be the best in the business led him to score a prestigious International Certification from none other than the American College of Exercise!

Gaining some crucial experience at popular fitness centers like SUMAYA and the elite Lodhi Athletic Club, the Lodhi Hotel, he has devised innovative ways of fitness that will improve your all-around health.

Amidst the pandemic, he apprehended the value of training people the right way, and that is how Fitness Cocktail came into existence on Instagram!

Shaking Up that Fitness Cocktail!

Fitness Cocktail provides training, yoga, diet consultation, mental health counselling sessions and even general counselling sessions, The diet plans are highly customized depending on your routines, lifestyles, likes, medical conditions, allergies, preferences etc.

According to a research paper published by Frontiers, "Yoga practitioners reported good physical ability and endurance. The yoga group also showed less anxiety, stress, fear, and having better-coping strategies than the non-Yoga group. The Yoga group displayed striking and superior ability to cope with stress and anxiety associated with lockdown and COVID-19. In the Yoga group, participants performing meditation reportedly had relatively better mental health. Yoga may lead to risk reduction of COVID-19 by decreasing stress and improving immunity if specific yoga protocols are implemented through a global public health initiative." If this doesn't convince you that Yoga is one of the most practical health remedies in these times, I don't know what will!

And much to your relief, even that department is taken care of by Fitness Cocktail...!.

Yoga at Fitness Cocktail is taken care of by Nihara Yadav. An Electronics and Communication Engineer and Diploma Holder in Yoga from the reputed Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga in Delhi, she is a level 2 QCI certified trainer, specializing in Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra Chanting, Asanas, Shatkarmas, etc.

She, much like Sahil, also peaches a holistic lifestyle, and giving recognition to her amazing work, her yoga class was recently featured in one of the most prestigious national Hindi newspaper, Navbharat Times.

In nutshell,

If you are not bothered about fitness even by now, please wake up as soon as possible. Health and fitness are possibly the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your body.

Fitness Cocktail promises you an amazing mix of tips n' tricks about health, fitness, diet, yoga and mindfulness.

Don't believe us? Go check out "Fitness Cocktail" on Instagram right now and find answers to all your questions!

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