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'Smart Tree' is making the Environment more Eco-Friendly

Founder(s) Rajnarayan Raghuwanshi & Manveer Singh Khanuja
Date of Establishment 05th August 2019
Industrial Sector Agriculture and Farming
Headquarter Hoshangabad, Indore
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition -100% Water Percolation
-Protects from extreme temperatures
-Lower maintenance cost and duration
-Keeping plants safe from animals
-Saves the plant from various external factors

About the Venture

With the motive to spread greenery and awareness everywhere, Hoshangabad based Start-up Green Echo developed a device called ‘Smart-Tree’ which is a modern and unique product, and an ideal solution for survival security and fast growth of trees and saplings in any region. 

Smart Tree comes with a modern WRG system that benefits the young plantlets and saplings in many manners. It is now possible to grow trees much faster and can put on substantial height within just a few months without having to worry about almost anything. 

Key Specializations of the Venture:

  • Smart Tree with WRG System 

  • Forest Plantation 

  • Road Side Plantation

  • Landscaping 

  • Gardens/Parks Development 

  • Fruit Orchards 

  • Land Development

  • Riverside Plantation 

  • Plantation along railway track

The Problem 

With the ever advancing technological development, human beings, intentionally or unintentionally, have left our nature and mother Earth so far behind. The loss of ecosystems is depriving the world of carbon sinks at a time when humanity can least afford it. The emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, global warming and climate change has already displayed the consequences of the loss of ecosystems. Air Pollution, Land Pollution, Soil Erosion, Water Pollution, Sound Pollution, etc. are directly or indirectly linked with fast increasing global deforestation rate. 

Moreover, some other challenges like Survival Security and Fast Growth of Trees are purley existential due to increasing anthropogenic activities, especially in the urban regions. Besides, there are several environmental factors and difficulties that lead to retardation implant growth, viz. Improper Watering, Destruction by Animals, Improper Maintenance, Temperature Fluctuations, and Miscellaneous Other External Factors. One or many of these are causes for unsuccessful and poor plantations.

The Solution


Ecosystem restoration is of utmost importance and is one of the most effective ways to revive our shrinking biodiversity and reverse the deplorable condition of our environment. By encroaching natural habitats and replacing them with skyscrapers, the SMART TREE team have created ideal conditions for pathogens and other natural calamities  to thrive. 

In this technology, water directly goes into the micro fibers of the root zone so that growth  of plants increases multifold with the trigger. Material used in this technology consists of PVC pipes and highly flexible rubber with drippers. The PVC Pipelines contain 15 Litres of water for which, the plant height must be 6.5 ft. and diameter of plant should be more than 25mm. 

In addition, investment is half as compared to traditional methods of plant growing and also gives proper security by animal grazing  and destruction. The system with new and unique features dissipate multiple benefits: 

  • Less water required for survival of trees

  • Less effort and easy going process

  • Fast growth of trees without any natural obstacles

  • We can plant trees all around the year

  • Security assured by grazing animals

The only solution is increase green cover around the earth and it can be possible by plantation of more and more trees but growing trees are very slow and tedious job so we have designed a device smart tree which help in survival security and fast growth of trees and increase dense green cover around the earth  in a easy way and play important role in control of global warming and climate change.

Benefits of SMART TREE  

SMART TREE comes with a modern WRG system that assists young saplings to grow in many manners. Also, it protects and safeguards them, and helps them flourish without any major obstacles. 

Several advantages of this system are:

  • Saves water with deep root irrigation (Zero Waste Technique)

  • Optimum Utilization of Fertilizers for better growth

  • The piped structure and deep watering promote Higher Vertical Growth

  • Cost-effective and more convenient compared to other tree guards

  • Absolutely Low Maintenances

  • Retains good quality timber and saves nature

  • Better protection from animals and other unwanted intrusions

  • The chances of theft are very less as stem passes through Smart-Tree

  • Better survival rates of saplings as compared to saplings in traditional  tree guard

  • Easy to install and remove

  • Lowers the Mortality rate and Weed Problem

The best part about this technology is that it is cheap and doesn't burn your pocket and is already used by thousands all over India.

Vision and Mission

Focusing on three characteristics, ie: Dependability, Customer Service and Uniqueness, the team is delicately involved to offer a uniquely designed system for faster tree growth. With a dedication to give the very best of what is required to help the environment, The SMART TREE team envisions to:

  • Bless the plants to smartly transform into trees

  • Help in making the environment more eco-friendly

  • Provide best equipment for the protection of saplings and young plants

  • Spread greenery and awareness everywhere 

  • Protect planted saplings from animals 

  • Serve all across the nation and world 

Future Goals

The company aims at creating a world market for their innovative and unique product, along with establishing alliances with top leading companies across the globe creating milestones in the years to come. Also, the SMART TREE seeks to turn out an international market worth $30,000 MN by the year 2024. 

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