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StayApart provides handpicked holiday accommodation at truly offbeat locations

Founder(s) Dinesh Chugh
Date of Establishment 09th September 2016
Industrial Sector Tourism and Hospitality
Headquarter Gurgaon
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition Department of industrial and internal trade promotion, Govt of India

Why Home Stay Is Here to Stay!

And pioneering this concept is Dinesh Chugh’s out-of-the-box venture StayApart

That trip! Yes, precisely that one you had five years ago or some.

Ahh, how lovely it was, wasn't it?

The weather, the people, the memories, the shopping, the one hilarious incident you never cease to tell everyone not less than a hundred times (with different versions, of course!) ...we can go on and on.

And while those memories are so refreshing and pleasing to go back to, they do induce a vacation bug. Yes, those were some amazing times you had on your last voyage, but don't you think it's time to build the new ones from scratch?

New stories to tell, fresh experiences to cherish, delicious cuisine to taste; everything is just so exciting.

That night before you leave for your vacation, that in itself is an experience that is not fit for mere words to be conveyed by!

Why You HAVE To Take That Vacation Up!

We get you, returning from a dreadful lockdown, it is not so easy to just go on with our normal lives.

After all, the terrible things we all have seen, which includes a global economic crash, inflation and unemployment rates at unprecedented levels, going to a beach and letting off some steam is not as simple as it sounds.

But having said that, it is more essential than ever to reach some faraway destination and, well, just be yourself!

We have been worried for so long about a plethora of things, but it is time we give ourselves a much-needed break from the mundane lives we are leading.

Life without vacations is just spending it, not living it to the fullest!

A good holiday can be a miracle for you on multiple dimensions; there is a tremendous amount of research present to back up the fact that there's nothing better than a good old trip to be at your peak personally, professionally and mentally.

Try it for yourself if you don't believe us (wink, wink)!

That Ghar-Waali” Feeling!

But one thing that often bugs all the travel junkies: that "ghar waali" feeling.

You may live in all the fancy-as-hell hotels, but for all you know, you are no more than some client for them.

They will offer the best of services; no doubt; but that comfort, warmth and love that is in a humble "ghar ka daal chawal" is just divine-simply unparalleled. When someone from your home even cooks a one-pot meal for you; it just stops being a meal right there, for it becomes an emotion and creates an unsaid bond of belongingness.

How cool is that!

While we all crave that feeling on a trip, Mr. Dinesh Chugh thought of providing that sense of comfort to all the tourists and travelers! He has been working for 30+ years and has contributed to creating some of the most reputed luxury hotel chains across India like the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group, Louvre Hotels Group, Best Western, Swiss International Hotels and Resorts.

But then, he found a problem; a problem that he pondered upon and left his well-settled career.

The Problem with Bigshot Hotels & Resorts…

Big hotel chains which had the best services, catered only to a very particular segment of people. Situated in big cities, even as they provided complete luxury to their customers, were simply not able to connect the tourists with the place in a true sense.

The hotels work mechanically, and the customer is just some guy/girl ready to give a certain amount of money for a certain experience, nothing more than that.

Travelers who came to explore the location deeply, and wanted to feel the place to its core, were going disappointed. Local cuisines and authentic culture play such an extraordinary role in lending an original touch to a place, but the big fancy hotels could not connect and even after paying exorbitant sums, travelers were missing 'that' touch they were looking for.

What StayApart Is Doing with A Twist!

By the end of 2016, Dinesh determined to give tourists and guests the holiday they deserve and found "StayApart", a solid solution for anyone searching for cost-effective vacation rentals all over India!

All of us are aware of the locations that are popularly visited, but what about all the hidden gems that are yet unexplored?

So many breathtaking locations are often overlooked by the common tourist destinations. StayApart provides you tempting hand-picked lodging in some of the amazing settings so that you spend some of the most unforgettable time with your loved ones. You will be staying in a home, small hotel or guest house close to Mother Nature.

In areas distant from mainstream regions lacking resources to connect, StayApart enables them with technology, connectivity and safety.

All the properties under StayApart are carefully picked and screened. The properties have to fulfil certain criteria, including quality of beds, linens and other facilities. Right from the word go, your vacation will be grand and will continue to be so to the day of your check-out.

Rest assured, you will be attended to with absolute professionalism and with personalized co-operation, because customer's not less than family for StayApart!

Home Stay as a concept has arisen curiosity in recent times for the tourists. The immense benefits that come with it, like

Ø Keeping the community, their culture, and their languages alive through beautiful memories and stories

Ø Exploring the unexplored through the eyes of residents or local tribes who are the soul of those locations

Ø Have home-like food during your stay, or even prepare local delicacies with your hosts.

Ø Budget-friendly, affordable accommodations providing the best services

Ø Boosting the economy of small-but-gorgeous villages and contributing to saving the declining art forms of these places.

While home-stay was not very popular back then owing to the safety issues, probability of a cultural shock, technical disability, or dull logistic management, StayApart has managed to successfully tackle all the shortcomings and have created paradises for their customers to have the most premium and memorable trip ever!

Even the dud faced by the tourism and travelling industry post the global pandemic couldn't dampen the spirits of this innovative company as StayApart accomplished to add around 100+ locations, 200+ properties to date to their hand-picked list of interesting locations.

So, what are you waiting for?

THAT dream trip is exactly what you need right now to get yourself back in your senses after the tough time the world has faced.

Safety and security is vitally important for Dinesh when choosing a place to visit, therefore all the properties under StayApart are carefully picked and screened.

A great opportunity to hang out and rejuvenate your relationships with co-workers, friends, relatives and partners; make sure to plan your vacation or corporate outings with StayApart, because "Home Is Where the Heart Is"!

And what's better than staying at home wherever you go!!!

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