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Introducing you STORLANE-A place that makes people lives better by adding an organic touch to them.

Founder(s) Sravanthi
Date of Establishment 01st May 2022
Industrial Sector E-Commerce, Marketing and Branding
Headquarter Hyderabad
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition -

One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken. -Leo Tolstoy.

In a world full of options and so much demand for our time it is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The covid-19 pandemic has made everyone wake up to understand the cruel reality of having a healthy lifestyle. Our body is the physical world we represent. Good physical health adds to better mental and spiritual well-being.  

Shopping is fun and digital marketplaces are the most awesome places to shop around from our own couches. We love to buy products that look good, smell good and taste good but have we ever wondered what is in those products? The chemicals in our environment and in our everyday products end up in our bodies. Our bodies are taking the burden of chemicals inside and out. We may not be able to avoid it by 100% but we can try to reduce the impact on ourselves and our environment.

Sustainability is now everyone’s responsibility.  Our health and habits are our own responsibility and no one will make sure we are safe except us. This is a story of a startup whose vision is to bring small changes in our lifestyle for healthy living and a healthy environment.   

Storlane is a unique marketplace to cater to the e-commerce needs of a customer focused primarily on the Organic/Vegan Health, Beauty, Food & Beverages category. We also cater to the needs in the categories of books, gardening, and pets. They are gaining momentum as they strive hard to create the "WOW" factor for the customers through product vetting, best customer support, product advocacy, and group buying. Our commitment to customer service and centricity is the "mantra" for their business, and get heard out in the crowd for this.  They are consistently innovating to achieve a smooth buying experience and get the best products with competitive pricing in the space to gain customer trust.

At storlane, they say customers’ trust will help build their marketplace into a next-gen to-go-marketplace for the niche products they are bringing.

But before getting into knowing about this marketplace and its products, let us understand what organic truly means to storlane and why it’s important.

At storlane, an Organic lifestyle (not just an organic product) is not just food. It is the habits, attitudes, body, beliefs, beauty, and overall well-being of our lives.  lifestyle is our destiny. Eating healthy food, protecting our bodies, nourishing our skin, being close to nature, and maintaining our physical and mental health make our lives happy and healthy. They believe that nature and its benefits enhance our well-being.

India is well known for its herbs, spices, and flora where organic living existed for a long time.   Our ancient wisdom gave us many methods and techniques for following a healthier lifestyle without much impact on our environment. Organic products are made by not abusing the environment where less or NO chemicals are used.

Truly an amazing initiative and interesting right? And how is Storlane different from others?

Product quality consistency: Every seller’s product goes through a vetting process to maintain Consistency in product quality.


Group buying incentives. Who doesn't like bargain deals? They work with the sellers to offer the best competitive deals on limited qualities. Lower prices, best product collections!! Who would say NO to such great deals!!

Customer Obsession: Storlane customer service representatives would go the extra mile to ensure that customer satisfaction is the credit and footprint that they want to create in the marketplace.

Now, what is there in the storlane marketplace?

Storlane has a wide variety of organic and natural products in food & Beverages, Beauty, health, and Gardening. Surprisingly that has many children’s comic books from India’s famous Amar Chitra Katha. When asked about books they said they believe books are best friends for man for a better mental well being

Storlane’s vision and mission are to work towards a sustainable society that impacts the customer’s well-being and the environment. Our future generations deserve a better world and we should make the correct choices for their sustainable future.

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