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An adventure travel company that focuses on cycling tours with incredible lifetime experiences for travelers

Founder(s) Mr. Akhilesh Thapa and Mr. Sabyasachi Pathak
Date of Establishment 01st January 1970
Industrial Sector Tourism and Hospitality
Headquarter New Delhi
Presence Services available PAN India
Awards and Recognition -Benchmark in organized cycling tours across India
-Single- and Multi-day cycle tours
-Safe and sustainable experience
-Easy-on-pocket adventure activity
-Unique and personalized tour packages
-Showcasing the cultural and natural beauty of the country

About the Venture

Started in August 2020 by a trio of travel enthusiasts and nature lovers, The Bike Tribe is an adventure travel company that focuses on cycling tours with – incredible lifetime experiences for travellers. They have curated travel itineraries in a manner which is a complete palate of adventure, culture, beauty, history, human interaction and what not, but most importantly, they have considered the importance of nature and have kept it in the most nature friendly manner, Cycle Tours. 

Time is hard and it’s thriving for that one sector which has literally got hit down by this pandemic- Travel Industry, is struggling and waiting for a ray of hope. It’s clear and obvious that humans are obsessed with exploring and the beauty of this planet is meant to be admired and taken care of. Still in these hard times of grim, this trio of young minds started the venture which is allowing travelling souls to engage in their activity in the most sustainable manner.

Laying The Groundwork

All these years of working as Tourism Professionals made them understand the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ of the industry. Being able to witness and understand the Industry (first-hand), they recognized the changes it needed. Therefore, THE BIKE TRIBE was born on 28 August 2020, to address these changes. Using the eminent knowledge of the trade and their experience, The Bike Tribe wish to deliver better products/ experiences, and to be pioneers in the field of organized - Cycle Tours

Throughout their considerable years of serving in the industry, they closely analyzed and understood the changes in the demand by the customers. They worked on it in the most feasible manner. Not only this, they also understood the alarming condition of the planet and the harm created by the travel sector and accordingly they created a product which is an amalgamation of the current needs of the traveler, experience and also adds into the sustainable traveling list. 

A Thriving Solution

Team didn’t restricted the itineraries to small distances and intercity only because it is generally assumed that the cycle tours aren’t made for long distances but ‘The Bike Tribe’ went a step ahead eradicated this notion and conducted daily cycle tours, weekend cycle tours, culture centric cycle tours, food cycle tours. They understand that no one wants a cliché – tourist experience. Every trip should be rare, exclusive and extraordinary. Something you can immerse yourself in, while doing the things you’d love to do, places you’d love to see, cultures you’d love to live out, and adventures you’d want to be on. Apart from the multi day cycle tours covering 2 cities or state partially, and cycle expeditions as their USP, one can for sure reach them for their own customized tour. 

The team is on the constant journey and effort of creating and innovating the face of traveling, and specially the Cycle tours. Definitely, this has triggered the sense of conserving nature by adopting the cleanest source to travel and also a splurge in fitness enthusiasts to combine their love for staying fit and traveling in a single package.

Range of Adventure Packages 

  • Classic Old Delhi

  • Delhi - Aravalli Organic Ride

  • Delhi Food Adventure

  • Delhi World Heritage

  • Cycle Tour Instagram Delhi

  • Hidden Gems of Central India

  • Silogi Short Weekend Escape

  • Jaipur to Pushkar Short Break

  • Awesome Axom (Assam)

  • Heritage Rajasthan

  • Himachal Diaries

  • Kerala Escapade

  • Cycling on Cloud Nine - Meghalaya

  • The Golden Triangle Cycle Tour

  • The Mighty Brahmaputra - Bike & Cruise 

  • Unforgettable Uttarakhand

  • The East Coast Ride - South India

  • Enchanting Darjeeling & Sikkim

  • Land of the Gorkhas 

  • Mystic Meghalaya & Axom (Assam)

  • Rajasthan Adventure

  • The East Coast Ride - South India To the Land of the High Passes

  • Unexplored Arunachal

  • Central India 

  • Silogi Short Weekend Escape 

  • Jaipur to Pushkar Short Break

Vision and Mission

Team is willing to re-establish adventure tourism in India at a new level putting it in the combination of sustainable and responsible travel approaches which is definitely the need of the hour. 

  • The Bike Tribe is on the unstoppable journey of providing raw and untouched, unfelled experience to their guests. 

  • They desire to reintroduce “Adventure in India” by imbibing-Sustainable and Responsible Travel practices.

  • Also, to build a community of like-minded cycle enthusiasts and adventure seekers 

  • To promote Cycling along with its benefits. 

  • To deliver intimate and raw experiences to our travellers and guests.

  • To create a community with the same mind set of having irreplaceable love for cycle adventures and showcase the benefits of this approach. 

Future Goals

The future goals of a company have a diverse strategy to enhance and showcase nature on the planet.


  • To promote the beauty of North-East, India by running Cycle Tours.

  • After India, the aim is to set up operations in neighbouring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan.

  • Further expansion to SouthEast Asia countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand & Indonesia. 

  • Keen to develop a supporting-Travel Company for operating Cultural and Sightseeing Tours within the country.

  • Investment in an E-Commerce platform to sell personalised and stylised Cycling Merchandise.

  • Raise funds to develop Local Trails of Aravallis, and Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh and create better facilities.

  • Create opportunities for the locals and contribute to their socio-economic welfare.

  • Start its hand into the Edu-tech sector conducting workshops and programs to create enough awareness regarding Cycling as an activity and career aspects related to it.

  • Also to mentor and propagate the correct techniques and skills involved.

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