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The Happy Troupe (THT) led by Mrunal H. Shah is a platform to learn skills to be happier

Founder(s) Mrunal H. Shah
Date of Establishment 01st September 2020
Industrial Sector Education and Training
Headquarter Mumbai
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

Your guide to be happier:

The Happy Troupe

"If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams, and you will always look lovely."

-Roald Dahl

You may or may not believe in the power of happiness and positivity, but when one of the world's highest-selling authors and greatest storytellers tell you that you WILL look lovely with those good thoughts, there must be some element of truth in there, right?

Defining Happiness in Our Own Way!

Happiness, as defined by Merriam Webster, is "a pleasurable or satisfying experience", or "a state of well-being and contentment".

It might make sense, but according to The Happy Troupe, it is neither a 'state' nor an 'experience', for happiness is a "process that has to be experienced"!

Now, this makes a quiet lot more sense than the other ones, doesn't it?

Happiness is not something that simply needs to be achieved, it is something that gives a perspective to your purpose, far beyond all your problems.

With the right purpose, all the issues that were itchy to you before, now appear as a part of life, which is meant to be there and YOU CONTROL THEM rather than they controlling you.

The Happy Troupe: What is it about?

Coming back to The Happy Troupe, the name suggests more than enough. A group of happy people, happily dedicated to making you happy. See?

Everyone should get the opportunity to be happier! And that is what exactly their mission is...

The thought we all carry somewhere deep inside us despite all those motivational videos about "Money is not equal to happiness" is the exact opposite i.e., Money DOES buy happiness.

But here at The Happy Troupe, the philosophy of finances not equating to joy runs from the top.

Founder Mrunal H. Shah has corporate experience of about 20 years, being a top-notch equities sales and trading person and working with behemoth financial firms like Nomura, Goldman Sachs, Kotak, ASK-Raymond James,

But when that kind of money and job couldn't give his heart the peace he always thought of, he started The Happy Troupe in 2020, with the mantra "Happiness is the new rich!". He just got started on a mission; a mission to make the world happier, healthier, with growth mindset and a lot less miserable in general.

Let us Be H.I.Ro.!

No, that's not just a piece of advice, but a key to unlocking all the gates to your happiness and peace of mind.

Sounds interesting? Let's go deeper in there.

The program stands for "Be Happier in Routine", where you get access to all the three courses i.e., Learn to Say No, G.E.T Happier and PRO.T.EC.T M.E.

No, even these are not merely quotes, but stand for "Goal setting Exercises and Techniques", and "PROven Tips, ExerCises, Techniques to Manage Emotional stress".

All these courses beautifully complement each other to provide you with a happier and successful life you deserve.

All our lives, we are told that constantly hustling, taking stress at every minuscule problem, being intense and serious all the time, giving away our lives to jobs; or simply just being told to lead a generic, toxic life confined within the boundaries of sadness and mediocrity.

But who can validate that success is just another meaning of being sorrowful all the time?

Can success and happiness go together?

After all, aren't we all running for success, as if it is going to give us all the joy in the world?

While running behind these superficial, artificial, inconsequential 'successes', we often forget why and what's the intent of our life. Accumulating all the cash in the world, buying all those gems and stones, building some blindingly amazing palace for living, gathering the most premium apparel, and imagine still being sad...

It is not just a fictional story, but a harrowing reality for a whole lot of people out there.

Having said that, it is never wrong to buy material things, after all, we deserve a quality-of-life post working hard, but misery touches when we associate our sentiments, emotions and sense of peace with those objects.

And when we try linking our mental state with the state of the physical presence of things, we are bound to be dejected, for the things, no matter how pricey, WILL fade away after a certain period.

What happens then?

Then we hopelessly start looking for another piece of matter and pin our emotions with it, and the cycle continues.

To get you out of that toxic cycle is the primary objective of The Happy Troupe. To link your happiness with your karma, to associate your joy with yourself & yourself only. No third party, whether a person, circumstance, or object must be able to dictate how you are supposed to be.

Let us try to 'live' more and try less to 'spend' our lives. Life is a precious gift, and it deserves to be lived without any lamenting and griefs. Although downs are inevitable in the journey, so are the ups.

And that mostly summaries the tag-line of the THT – Live Before You Leave ®

Rainbows do come up after rains, just like how the sun rises no matter how dark the last night was, just like how a new life comes into being after all the pain a mother endures!

Things always change, they might not be going good for you right now, but bad times are a good assurance of the better times that are about to come. It all comes down to perspective, it does...

How Will It Help You IRL?

But how exactly this program can make your life better, and can you even measure how this will help you?

Even though happiness can't be measured by any metric, unit or scale, but it does improve your life on a multi-dimensional level i.e., it will positively impact your career, your relationships, your social life, your approach to life, basically, your everything!

A study at a British telecommunications firm run by Oxford University's Saïd Business School found that happy workers were 13% more productive.

According to statistics released by workers' health regulatory body Safe Work Australia, 7,500 Australians claim compensation for work-related mental disorders each year and this sums up to approximately $480 million which is roughly 6% of the total workers' compensation claims.

Still can't believe that you can learn to be happier?

Here are some testimonials that might help, because "Happy Clients, Happy Us!"

"One of my key takeaways has been how important it is to time block and protect your time. Now with THT actionable tools and mechanisms in place, I'll be able to execute it better. I highly recommend this course for those who want to change the course of their life."

Sanjay Malhotra, Practicing C.A

So, what are you waiting for?

Just throw those negative feelings, sorrowful thoughts and toxic cycles out in the dustbin and enlighten yourself with all the happy vibes that The Happy Troupe is giving out!

Behiro.thehappytroupe.com , Join there Be H.I.Ro. program right now at INR 1999 only, for this, is a limited period offer where you have to pay 5 times less than the actual price of this esteemed program designed by those who know and understand you!   Behiro.thehappytroupe.com


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