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The Piyush Academy

Founder(s) The Piyush Academy
Date of Establishment 01st May 2020
Industrial Sector Education and Training
Headquarter Delhi
Presence Global
Awards and Recognition -

Are you worried that you are not good in the area of technology? Do not fear at all, Piyush Academy will help you excel in your technological skills and groom you to become a perfect professional. Piyush Academy is an institution that will provide you the one-step-solution to bring out the best in you. It is an online virtual learning platform for shaping your present and future.

Let us first know about the Founder of our prestigious institution Mr. Piyush Raj Katyayan , whose road to success was paved by the did not of his toil, patience, hard work and perseverance. Piyush, a small-town boy from Jamshedpur, who went above and beyond in life to reach the point where he is now and still gives his best to achieve more and more.   

Childhood is usually very merry for most of us while it is not the case with some. Piyush had his own share of hardships, lows and highs in his early days of school and college. He is the elder child of his family. Being the elder one came with added responsibilities too soon for him. He was sent to boarding school for away from his home however his health went downhill in the hostel. He had to return to his hometown and join in a vernacular medium school. It was quite difficult for him to switch from English to Hindi medium drastically, eventually he fared well just like the saying goes “slow and steady wins the race”.

After completing his higher secondary education, Piyush moved to Pune for pursuing BSC in computer science. The troubles did not end here, his old problem of stammering followed him to his college which hindered his growth path. Therapies didn’t work well, despite trying hard there was no cure to this problem. Then came a ray of light in his darkest days. Piyush took up a job in his cousin’s start up and started teaching C programming language at the coaching institute in 2003 while he was pursuing his college. This was the turning point of his life, it made him realize that teaching is a profession which will improve his communication skills. It was his first job and he loved it.

After completing his graduation, he got a job offer in the corporate sector with a company that had major focus in fixing and removing broadband issues. As per the usual norm Piyush had to complete the orientation and training program successfully to join the job. His speech difficulty and stammering were the stumbling blocks in his training program. The trainer even told Piyush that he couldn’t speak properly. This set back could not break Piyush, by now he understood the importance of effective communication skills even better. He came out with flying colours in the training and joined his second job. What didn’t break him made him unbreakable. This experience made him confident that he can achieve anything in life. He overcame his speech issues and became a fluent speaker.

He worked in the IT industry with MNCs for few years. It took some time, but he realized that this wasn’t the job he was made for. In the meantime, he got an opportunity to train freshers for a couple of years. He was very happy that he had an audience who listened to him and gave him good feedbacks as well.  He understood that he was made for doing something more. The teacher in him had not left, He realized that helping people grow and develop is the kind of task that fits him the best.

Piyush trusted himself and knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to build an institution of his own which will provide a comprehensive solution for those who can reach the top if given the right guidance. By 2020 he developed a systematic framework to mentor people. Around this time came the pandemic, Covid19 began wrath around the world, many people lost their lives, their family members and their jobs too. Everyone was forced to stay at home. People went back to their native places and were looking for work opportunities in the tough and competitive market.

Piyush felt that this was the time to do his part, he started conducting free sessions for people from Bihar and Jharkhand. His wife always encouraged him to do more and stood by his side. He was appreciated by many for his amazing work. One step led to another in his journey as a result of this, his explored his entrepreneurial side and continued contributing to the people and started THE PIYUSH ACADEMY .

Piyush Academy is a virtual Academy where they offer training in the area of coding, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Data Science, Full Stack Development and Project Management. Initially it was based at Pune, with huge response and growth now Piyush Academy is also available in Ranchi and the plan is to set up five new branches in Jharkhand, India.

Technology has taken over every single aspect in the lives of people. The role and the importance of technology is known to all, it is the present and the future. Piyush Academy is a great choice for people who want to grow and become excellent professionals. Around 5000+ students from various parts of the world were trained in this academy. The response from the ones who were trained is humongous. The professional growth among the students of The Piyush academy is unstoppable. The students enhanced their qualitative aspect in the academy and gained got both qualitative and quantitative success in their workplace. This helped them get promotions as well as job satisfaction and boosted confidence.

As of now, the trainings are provided online only. There are plans to start in-person classroom training soon. The Piyush Academy is all set to expand with the franchisee model. They are also working with more mentors and guides who are very dedicated towards developing the academy to provide quality education to the students.

To start doing what you really want to do and do the best in it,  join THE PIYUSH ACADEMY

Areas & Services of the Training Programs:

v Coding

v Cloud Computing

v Cloud Networking

v DevOps

v Data Science

v Data Engineering

v Full Stack Development

v Design Thinking

v Project Management

The sessions will be recorded and shared among the students for the ease of revision and understanding and to cover anything missed by the students.

Piyush Academy also prepares students and make them ready for the industry by providing with live projects, hands-on practice and internships.

Consulting services are also provided by experienced consultants in the Area of Cloud Technology, Aggrotech, Business Analytics and Project Management.

Do not go quietly into your grave. Always think positive and learn New things EVERYDAY. Dont stick to 9-5 jobs, think beyond that.

-PiyusH Raj Katyayan


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