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EdTech company Co-founded by Ex-IITians, prepares IIT-JEE/NEET aspirants for competitive examination with result oriented coaching

Founder(s) Mr. V. Solomon Raju, Mr. A. Sunil and Mr. A. Sudheer
Date of Establishment 07th February 2012
Industrial Sector Education and Training
Headquarter Hyderabad
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition -Highly qualified expertise/faculty
-Latest Content
-Test Series and Mock Tests
-Solved Previous Papers
-Know the latest exam pattern
-Subject Wise Quizzes/Boosters

About the Venture

Toppers Academy believes that students can compete nationally if they are given proper exposure to the competitive exams. However, excelling in an entrance exam requires expert guidance and rigorous training. Toppers Academy is a revolution in this field that helps prepare the students to perform well in such competitive exams as well as board exams.

Started by three Top Notch Faculty in 2012, discovering their passion and potential in the education sector, Toppers Academy has been established mainly to coach the students for the various competitive exams like JEE, NEET, etc. through online mode. Their prime focus is to bring out the best in every student and lay emphasis on hard work as well as working smart to get the best results.

Over a decade, Toppers Academy has achieved success year after year and have sent over 100 + students to NITs, 60+ to IITs, 100+ to NEET qualifying rounds.

Key Features:

Latest-pattern based Fresh Content, created by Subject Experts and Toppers of various exams.

Expertly designed Latest Exam Pattern based full-length Mock Tests with Detailed Analysis and Comprehensive Solution.

Passionate and Dedicated team of Faculty graduated from IITs, NITs and various top Universities to serve the students in an effective and efficient manner.

Digital learning & Online tests and other innovative ideas are complemented for better concept understanding, thus paving the way for a delightful career.

Vision and Mission

    To help aspiring students crack entrance exams like IIT JEE/NEET with quality learning aids and resources.

  To aid student interaction with top notch experts and professionals across the world through digital platforms.

    To create outstanding results in entrance tests by developing potentially competent students with hard work and determination.

 To motivate and inspire students with better learning aids using technology and the best learning environment.

    To guide students and youth for a better position across the world.

To foster the holistic development of students by attributing professional traits like aptitude, communication, task completion, etc.

The Faculty

The highlighting feature of Toppers Academy program is that it is meticulously planned and executed by expert faculty. 

    Mr. V. Solomon Raju, M.Sc. Mathematics (20 years of Experience)

    Mr. A. Sunil, M.Sc. Physics (15 years of Experience)

    Mr. A. Sudheer, M.Sc. Chemistry (20 years of Experience)

To bring you the best in entrance examinations preparation, Toppers Academy brings you the finest faculty in the country, who are IIT-ians, NITs and doctors themselves, and have a stellar record in producing toppers in IIT-JEE/NEET. They also believe that at such a young age, a student needs extra care, personal attention, regular motivation, and a brotherly atmosphere for him/her to excel and improve the results. Students who solve Toppers Academy test papers, assignments and objective guides have a maximum chance of getting through the entrance exams.

Toppers Academy App

To empower student’s exam preparation, Toppers Academy Mobile App has also been devised exclusively to help students learn and understand anywhere anytime.

The salient features of this application are:

    Test Series with relevant mocks based on the recent exam pattern with conceptual solutions

    Multiple live classes to crack the exams

 Free PDFs of all study materials created by best and experienced faculties

Students get to know the latest exam pattern and boost their confidence by scoring high in the previous papers. Also, they are subjected to attempting topic-wise quizzes and subject-wise boosters to become the Champ in the field. The key to success is maintaining regularity in covering the whole syllabus that is taught in the scheduled classes.

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