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Triumb- The car Cleaning service

Founder(s) Tanmay Goyal
Date of Establishment 12th January 2021
Industrial Sector Automotive
Headquarter Jaipur, Rajasthan
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition App-based car washing services anywhere
Hassle free and comparatively cheaper services
Environment friendly practices, and less water usage
Energy and time saving using special chemical formula
Flat framework with a distinguished lean team

About the Venture

Founded in 2021, TRIUMB is an app-based car cleaning platform which helps consumers get their car washed anywhere, building a user-friendly automotive solution that is one call away. They are experts in providing waterless cleaning at an affordable rate thus adding smiles to your budget along with helping save the environment. TRIUMB offers you local garage comparison and has a user-friendly interface that works everywhere, providing  fast, friendly and finer services. 

TRIUMB pursuits to provide eco-friendly and hassle-free services to its customers, and a door-to-door service helping save your time and energy. The key USP is less water consumption during the process making your car washing an environment friendly solution. TRIUMB uses less than 1% water in comparison to other car washing services ensuring a more conservative approach towards water management. Along with this, the service is more pocket friendly as well, charging 3-4 times less than any other car washing company providing such benefits. Basically, TRIUMB is your one stop shop for all car-cleaning related activities, truly affordable and convenient. 

The Problem 

The automobile servicing market has experienced tremendous growth during recent times. It is observed that as soon as the warranty period terminates, only one-third of the cars revive to their primary dealers. The remaining population prefers a private garage or servicing centre. Resulting in unsatisfactory quality, inappropriate time gaps and less feasibility over these local services. 

Moreover, this industry is a major contributing factor in water wastage worldwide. As per reports, around 844 million people around the world are living without proper access to water for daily use. So, in this regard, it becomes much more crucial to have a flexible and impactful solution to save the environment and render trouble-free service to the clientele. 

The Solution

Nature has been contributing to our lives since the very beginning. We need to give back and in the most appropriate manner we could. And, monetizing this process of giving back is a phenomenal job, more eco-friendly and economical. An App-based car cleaning service that cuts down the volume of water usage by 99% is, thus, formulated by Tanmay and his colleagues providing a platform to compare local garages. This new venture utilizes a  special chemical composition to clean cars and give them a new shine, while consuming only 1% the water normal car washes use.

TRIUMB connects with different organizations throughout the country to help consumers receive hassle-free services anywhere, and associate with various organizations to help you get a cleaner car. The work culture at TRIUMB follows a flatwork framework where there is less hierarchy and work gets done fast. The founders believe in listening and learning from everyone in the company.  

TRIUMB has also partnered with organisations nation-wide to provide a platform for swift car-cleaning services anytime and anywhere along with the ability to compare garages so that you can choose the best garage for you and your car. Also, they have collaborated with various organizations across the country to avail the benefit of the services inside the organization on a daily, weekly or monthly package basis.

The Journey

Car Washing’ as an industry significantly participates in water pollution globally. Keeping this alarming situation in mind, the founders of TRIUMB, came up with an idea to alleviate the problem in a creative and innovative manner to encircle multiple benefits at once. 

The idea to build your next-door car cleaning platform that is convenient as well as conserving has been lingering around in the founder’s mind for the past 6 years. Tanmay leapt courage to gather around like-minded individuals, and brought them on-board to contribute their information and  intellects for such a purpose. The company started with a bunch of innovative and diligent minds from Manipal University, Jaipur coming together to map out the future of the company on paper. 

Spending months on the research, market analysis and developing a profitable business plan, the company finally got officially registered in March 2021 and is now in its pre-launch phase, already in talks with many investors as well as startup funding schemes to start the fully-fledged operations. The founding team comprises four members – each complementing the company in their own way. 

TRIUMB is currently incubated under E-Cell-Manipal University Jaipur. Within only 2 months of getting registered, TRIUMB got listed in the top 20 Most Promising Start-ups 2021 in the prestigious magazine of Business Connect. 

 Vision and Mission

TRIUMB is an innovative car grooming service which makes your vehicle servicing experience time efficient, eco friendly, cost effective and hassle free. 

  • To build a better tomorrow and make automotive services a call away for our customers everywhere and anywhere

  • To provide a  platform dedicated to car cleaning as well as providing local garage comparisons on a user friendly website

  • To make car cleaning easy, cost-effective and time saving, at the same time eco-friendly and sustainable

  • Collaborate with as much organization as possible and reach a larger audience for the purpose of contribution to global water conservation 

Future Goals

TRIUMB is striving to reach new heights each and every coming day. Talking about the future goals, the company is currently planning to expand in the city of Jaipur and Bangalore. Also, TRIUMB is trying to  connect with societies regularly to sign daily, weekly and monthly contracts in large numbers.

Contact - support@triumb.in , 8000384272

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