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UpcycleLuxe: A Platform That Is Transforming The Face Of Sustainable Fashion In India

Founder(s) Harshita Chandra
Date of Establishment 01st October 2020
Industrial Sector Textile, Leather and Footwear
Headquarter New Delhi
Presence Online Platform/ PAN India
Awards and Recognition -Industry disruptor on behalf of UN Women | WeEmpowerAsia and The Do school Berlin- as the leading sustainable and women benefitting fashion in India
-Entrepreneur India -As the science based technology that can Help Make Fashion Sustainable
-The Hindu- India’s first e-commerce sustainable fashionTech marketplace.
-Fashion United (UK)- as one of a kind fashion marketplaces for sustainable fashion and lifestyle shaping the post-pandemic world.
-Business Press- A Promising Platform That Is Transforming The Face Of Sustainable Fashion In India

About the Venture

Founded by Ms. Harshita Chandra along with co-founder Shubham Jain and Kartikey Chandra in 2020, Upcycleuxe is a plastic-free and sustainable fashion marketplace that calculates environmental impact of organic, chemical free, ethical products for everyday as well as occasional use. This one-of-a-kind marketplace collaborates with only the best authentic sustainable brands/products and conduct a fact-based analysis that determines the true cost of each item for the consumer to eliminate green washing from the industry in terms of KGs of CO2 prevented, Litres of water conserved, Chemicals prevented a and Energy Saved. 

The main aim of Upcycleluxe is to help people make a mindful transition to a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle by bringing a shift in the consumption culture. With a mission to accelerate the transition towards sustainable fashion and shop sustainable only, Upcycleluxe is committed to renewing the importance of sustainable fashion in India. Bringing in approaches to build a better future for tomorrow, it administers itself under the following three points:

  • Maintenance of Supply Chain Transparency

  • Showcasing authentic sustainable products

  • Product Impact Data

The successive brand partners of Upcylcleluxe are Doodlage, Kaiyare, Wovhan, ODE by Oindrila & Arka, Ewoke Studio, The Loom Art, Studio Rigu, Cross A Line, Ahmev, Ampersand, Core, Beej Studio, Punah and Reistor. 

Major Challenges

The textile industry has shown tremendous transformations in the past few decades. However ignoring the impact they lay on the ecosystem and environment through the procurement and processing of these products. The major problems being lack of appropriate knowledge and data, and unawareness regarding sustainable clothing. People also lag behind in their information of what luxury lifestyle means, which is working to develop a mindful eco-system for the people, planet and economy.

Moreover, as sustainable fashion and organic products are becoming more mainstream, companies are latching onto this revolution—some with intentions of actually becoming more ethical and others just trying to make consumers think they are ecologically responsible i.e false behind Greenwashing. 

Upcycleluxe came into being because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of awareness

  • Scattered artisans and sustainability community

  • Green washing myth 

A Profound Solution

With a mission to accelerate a mindful transition towards sustainable fashion, Upcycleluxe strongly believes that Green is the New Luxury. Doing the upfront legwork for you and establishing a one-stop platform like no other, the Luxe community collaborates with the best sustainable brands and calculates the environmental impact of each product. 

The assessment of Upcycleluxe consists of quantitative and qualitative questions, each of which is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and classified in terms of carbon emissions, water saved, energy conserved and chemicals avoided. They delve deep into each brand's entire supply chain to assess each product's life cycle footprint, from raw material production to management and recyclability, so you can know your impact. They combine this with an enriching and educational shopping experience, allowing you to shop for the things that matter to you. 

Whether it's handcrafted, upcycled, or simply made from organic materials, there's something for everyone. Upcycleluxe has put together a diverse collection to shop from, based on the preferences of today's elusive green consumers. A curated collection by homegrown designers that gives an insight into the impact of every purchase you make. We offer an invitation to indulge yourself in the creation of a better world by encouraging responsible consumption and making it second nature to all of us. 


Carbon dioxide emission prevented

8,335.45 Kilograms

Water Conserved 

20,898.19 Liters

Chemicals Prevented 

45,742.1 Grams

Energy Saved

68,446.82 Hours

Mission and Vision

  • To build a conscious community of fashion and lifestyle, taking the responsibility to provide knowledge, transparency and a guilt-free shopping experience to its customers.

  • To inspire and guide brands to become industry leaders, and collaborate with a shared vision of a better future for the planet and all others who live on it.

  • To hasten a mindful transition to a sustainable lifestyle by bringing about a shift in the consumption culture, where Green is seen as the New Luxury.

  • To create an impact on the textile & apparel industry with ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient products and accessories. 

  • With the online platform and tech, upcycleluxe aims to cater to businesses and consumers to help them switch to greener choices and create awareness about the importance of sustainable clothing on a worldwide jargon. 

  • Upcylceluxe envisions to build a community for sustainable fashion brands in India, and to continue working hard and bring the best to the industry standards. 

  • Authentic Sustainability, Replacing Greenwashed products with Sustainable Organic Products

Road Ahead 

Upcycleluxe is a plastic-free and sustainable fashion start-up with exclusive earth friendly, chemical-free, ethical,organic and upcycled products. 

  • Become an effective alternative to fast fashion and lifestyle products, and also wish to become the pioneers in sustainability. 

  • It aims to cater 1 billion consumers and help switch them to greener choices.

  • Recognise and collaborate with authentic ethical and sustainable brands in India. 

  • Upluxe Offsetting program committed to planting a tree for every product sale we make and to plant at least 10,000 saplings.

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