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Founder(s) Bhandari Creations
Date of Establishment 01st May 1995
Industrial Sector Textile, Leather and Footwear
Headquarter Delhi
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

Clothing comfort is identified as one of the key features in consumers perception. Requirement of the customers change along with products and wear situations. in today’s highly competitive textile and apparel market, producing products to meet the expectation of the customers should be the main goal of the market players especially in the field of clothing. Clothing comfort has also become the major concerns of textile and garment manufacturers.

There are many scientific research going on in terms of producing the most comfortable Apparels. The basic aspects of a good sportswear are    strength, durability, stretchability, elastic recovery, abrasion resistance, order resistance and UV resistance. There are different kinds of sportswears for different sports for example, basketball players require an oversized shorts whereas volleyball players require shorts which are very much similar to tights

Ok! what if we tell you there is a company that meets all of the above-mentioned feature's? Amazing right! Yes, there is one. Introducing you   V-HANU, a clothing company that has been producing clothes and apparels of all kinds at an affordable price as well as amazing quality.

V-HANU has been in the clothing sector since 1990. Since then, they have been working hard towards their vision of being one of the best clothing companies in the market.

They produce all kinds of clothing which is of amazing quality. Right from choosing the fabric, each and every process of making a product in V HANU involves high-quality materials to ensure that the customer feel the utmost comfort while wearing their products. V-Hanu is a company known for their apparel that they produce for all kinds of sports. They sell tracksuits, t-shirts, shorts, tights  and much more which are body odour resistant, UV resistant, abrasion resistant and has great elastic recovery  they are available in 50+ colors at various price ranges.

Apart from our incredible activewear's, V Hanu also focus on development of producing Formals and casuals which includes jeggings, culottes, formal trouser, formal blazer, Palazzo, tees, co-ord set etc.

The company’s mission is to produce and deliver the most stylish yet comfortable apparels which feels like second skin for the athletes. Due to the widespread of customers around the nation and the world, V-Hanu stepped into the E-commerce sector, so that customers can purchase their product with ease. 

So why are you thinking? Gear up with the t-shirts and tracks of V-Hanu which helps you to move freely, right from moving into the zone to finishing up a mile.


By Bhandari Creation

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