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V Liv In Bamboo

Founder(s) Sravan Kumar Chivukula
Date of Establishment 19th March 2021
Industrial Sector Forest, Wood, Pulp and Paper
Headquarter Kompally, Telangana
Presence Global
Awards and Recognition --

Life is trekking back to normal and the world is syncing again with lengthy durations of work, away from the comforts of their home-sweet-home! A recent blog from the global mental health association enlists that, apart from experiencing rejuvenation within the comfiness of home, exhaustion and fatigue are the prominent symptoms which more than 70% of individuals are experiencing, past a hectic day.  Hence, it becomes a very crucial stance to look forth for offering solutions that can help in retaining peace of mind, at home. Settling for this home-to-work and vice-vera routine impacts are psychology immensely since we gradually lose contact with the nature and its essential element which are the crucial ingredients to experience relaxation and harmony. For an instance, the basic made-for-home integrations and decors including fancy walls, appliances, furniture and ceilings are essential but lag in providing contact with nature. Sustainability has been a buzz term and promises of complying with standards to ensure sustainability in construction is a myth, well-articulated.

Commencing from laying the foundation of one’s home to creating a relevant atmosphere, which acts in the good faith of achieving peaceful living, prioritizing the precise resources and implementing them within the process of home-making is a very crucial step. Given the fact where most houses achieve minimalistic sustainability with economics, uncompromised, a detour in gracing the house with the secret ingredients is often observed. Whether it is the classy wood art which makes one rant about its serenity or an amusing play of furniture, one can still adopt nature guided elements with aesthetics par excellence by using elements like Bamboo. Bamboo comes with a classic range of divine offerings right from adding life and style to furniture & fitments to construction of rammed earth walls, roofs and other supporting structures. There is a humongous scope of integrating natural ingredients at home and out of all, using bamboo for achieving sustainability is the most trusted, easily integrable, flexible to use and an easy solution to begin with the journey of experiencing a peaceful living experience. 

As the quote states, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, one need not struggle further to find solution providers offering bamboo integrations for home. LIV IN BAMBOO is now live as the most authentic and celebrated one-stop solution to all your sustainable housing needs.

VI LIV IN BAMBOO brings a collection of Indias most trustworthy, reliable and creative bamboo consultants, designers and innovators. They provide rated assistance for construction, design and décor under the banner of sustainable housing solutions.

What makes this venture stand out is its uniqueness in identifying resource efficient pathways, such as rammed earth and bamboo, to build homes and furniture, beginning from India. Building a nature friendly atmosphere improves the overall quality of one’s living and strengthens the core foundation of the physical construction. Inhibiting in a nature inspired ecosystem is also beneficial for an excellent family-life, as well. 

V LIV In Bamboo, founder by Mr. Sravan Kumar in 2020 had a clear objective to explore and bring forth the goodness of naturally built houses and furniture. Their team envisions a presence in every single house to ensure the utmost comfort for the customers through high sanitary, natural and environment appealing quality products for the construction of an environmentally feasible house along with nature inspired upgradations in the existing ones. They are also working towards promoting and providing natural articles and home decor items so that people can experience the goodness of using these decors, at first, and thereafter opt for a completing rejuvenation of their home-living experience.

VI LIV IN BAMBOO is UNDOUBTEDLY the best place to approach if one wishes to feel the earthy and natural aroma around. They ensure dreams come true with natural and yet modernistic living and décor solutions. Their variety of home decor products include mesmerizing flower vases and lights hand crafted from bamboo and mud.

Through sheer determination and awe-inspiring domain expertise, this company, intensifying on using natural methods of constructing houses is bound to evolve as a dominant market benchmark in the coming years.


The team at VI LIV IN BAMBOO is working towards improvising the overall cluster of solutions to ensure and endure a healthy competitive relationship in the market. From the years of experience pouring into an outfit, they work on providing an all-time fantasy experience of ‘the house of dreams’. Classical living made easy through VI LIV offerings will have a proven positive impact health through regulation, optimization and maintenance of appropriate temperature and relative essential parameters.

This is achieved from a combination of other naturally acclaimed materials along with bamboo and mud, incorporated in the course of production, to make the furniture, products and articles such as chairs, stools, pen stands, bird feeders, and toys waterproof as well as pest proof.

The plethora of offerings at V LIV doesn’t stop at House construction and furniture making as they also work on House designing and decorating solutions. They produce highly standardized and an exotic range of  vibrant home decor and furnishing products using Bamboo and mud.

They work on constructing the most durable carbon efficient mud houses and roofs applicable to a wide of range of infrastructures including resorts, retreats and farm houses. They exhibit a distinct style of architecture planning and define certified processes throughout the course of the construction process.


Unlike the other natural buildings and furniture’s, V liv in bamboo work on setting up the best-in-quality pest proof roofs, furniture, articles, toys and walls to keep you away from the insects through finely crafted structural benefits which defend the overall consumer experience from pests, a major threat to natural premises.

Accumulating the total verticals at V LIV expertise in customising the products according to consumer needs and provide range of other considerable services in the course of constructing, decorating, designing and furnishing an eco-friendly atmosphere within a sustainability compliant house. The customer support system is fine-tuned for all customer needs and provide a step-by-step solution and resolution to each customer query ranging from home planning to use of natural and classy furniture and articles made up of bamboo to enhance the overall charisma of any house.  


Address: 5-2/2, Apparel park road, Gundlapochampally, near kompally, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500014

Email: Vlivinbamboo@gmail.com

Phone no: 9703 226266

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