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world one forex

Founder(s) Eshwary Krishnan and Supriyo Mukherjee
Date of Establishment 01st May 2013
Industrial Sector Education and Training
Headquarter New Delhi
Presence PAN India
Awards and Recognition --

Cracking Your Forex Woes, the Smart Way!

WorldOneForex, bringing world closer and closer…

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions"

These words by Oliver Wendell Holmes resonate so much to everyone on so many different levels, for the mind is but a big beautiful world that has only one difference from the real world, all of it is entirely our creation, our imagination, experiences and beliefs shape up the conceived world inside us, and that one manifests its magic in the physical world too.

As diverse as our inside world is, so enriched will be the outer world.

And to stretch human's inquisitive and exploratory minds by mind-boggling experiences, can anything be better than travelling?

So many events, encounters and adventures make travelling enriching, or even life-changing at times.

The Ever-Growing Wanderlust

Over the years, with the improved connectivity, logistical facilities the international travel volume has increased multifold to meet the diverse requirements in the field of education, health, recreation and business thus the world appearing smaller day by day, making it more like a global village.

Last two years though the travel volumes got adversely impacted due to pandemics.

The pandemic forced us to stay at home, making us realize the true value of going out and seeing the world around us. It was all so lonely for everyone, those who're alone had no one to share their griefs, and those whit families were tired of having the same faces around them all the time.

It was an excruciating, exhausting time to just stay locked up in the four walls. Now, as the world is tending toward achieving normalcy, it is almost mandatory for you to go for that trip you've planned since forever.

Travelling can be best compared to a pair of new wings for humans if nothing more.

Not Just for Holidays…!

Who said that travelling is alone for recreational or therapeutic reasons?

  • A huge number of students annually go to different parts of the globe in the quest for better, evolved education and a greater number of opportunities.
  • Owing to the financial inequity and purchase parity in the world, there are a lot of countries in the world whose healthcare is simply inadequate. So, there is healthcare tourism too.
  • Some also have to travel abroad due to their job commitments, like those in exports, sales or business development.

When one ascertains that he/she is travelling abroad due to whatever reasons, it comes to preparations involving a helm of activities, which can give one nightmare if service providers are not professional and up to the mark.

Why Forex Is a Tricky Business!

Once basic travel documents passport, visas, hotel booking & tickets are in place, the most essential aspect in foreign travel is the arrangement of Forex and its safety in a foreign land.

It's no less than a herculean task to find the right exchange rate, legal currency document and the right forex instrument, convenience/user-friendly facility to address one's specific application and travel voyage.

On top of it, a reliable backend support system in case of any exigencies is another important factor.

For keeping your focus on the purpose of travel, one always looks for peace of mind and some potential 24x7 companion who can ensure the right form of money power to give you freedom and confidence to roam around heads up across the globe.

Question is that where can one find such a reliable professional service provider who can provide a range of services with precision, perfection in a cost-effective manner?

The Only Answer: WorldOne Forex!

WorldOne Forex is the pioneer in the world of foreign exchange and related fields since a fabulous 8 years. A leading company which has successfully managed to carve its name, it has been providing prompt state of the art services ranging from (but not limited to) in the field of:

  • Foreign Currencies
  • Travel Money Card
  • Remittances
  • Travel Insurance
  • International Calling Card
  • Traveler’s Cheque
  • Money Transfer

The host of services with full online support fulfils all your Forex needs under the roof!

The easiest, most convenient platform for all your worries, thank me later!

A Dream Ace Team…!

Equipped with highly talented and experienced professionals headed by a seasoned veteran of the industry Mr. Supriyo Mukherjee, with hardcore versatile experience of a whopping20 years in the industry! Mr. Supriyo Mukherjee

The dynamic entrepreneur born from the grassroots has made this company register phenomenal growth from a humble annual turnover of 7 million USD, to a formidable 100 million USD.

He has been instrumental in turning a local forex-trading company into a professional organization with national footprints with over 20 branches across India. WorldOne, today is counted as the next-gen 'one-stop-shop for all forex and travel abroad need of individuals and organizations. Supriyo Mukherjee has a very clear vision and always aims high with its motto to provide a diversified buffet of professional Forex services to fulfil their needs with delight.

An Economics graduate from Delhi University, Eshwary Krishnan has a reputation for setting ambitious targets and achieving them. Quintessentially a self-starter, WorldOne Forex is Eshwary's second entrepreneurial venture, after EI Associates - a successful manpower consulting firm, which has very quickly earned a name for itself in the NCR Region, as a credible and delivery-centric organization.

Before turning entrepreneur, Eshwary has gathered immense experience in Operations and Logistics, HR, with brands like Taj Vivanta and The Oberoi. As the Executive Assistant to the Finance Head at General Electric, Eshwary instinctively acquired the financial acumen that creates balanced businesses. Eshwary Krishnan actively pursues the long-term vision and sets the roadmap that will help WorldOne Forex achieve its targets.

In Nutshell…

Since there are hardly any companies who give such a vast basket of service with the perfection that too at customer doorstep, World One continues to evolve and raise its bars to meet the ever-changing needs of this demanding industry without compromising on the quality of services!

Now, with World One Forex, you will have quite a few things less to chase.

Whether you want to subscribe to the 'WorldOne All-in-one' package or would just like to acquire some foreign currency, a simple call or mail to us will get you the best exchange rates without wasting your valuable time chasing money exchangers.

Happy Traveling!

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