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Yurja, Worlds First Ever & Only AI based E-Commerce Platform for 360 Degree Solutions

Founder(s) Dr. G. Rameshkumar and Jeroninio ( Jerry ) Almeida
Date of Establishment 09th July 2019
Industrial Sector Education and Training
Headquarter Mumbai
Presence Mumbai
Awards and Recognition -Recognized and accredited by ‘Indian Achievers Forum’
-Global Excellence Business Award for the MSME
-Certified by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GoI
-Recognized by StartupIndia
-Accoladed as “Innovative Start-up of the year” 2020 by IEA Book of World Records
-Recognized by Prime Insights as “Pre-eminent Consulting Firms of India”

About the Venture

Yurja is one of India’s leading Global Consultancy companies which offers an array of different Business Solutions and Services. It is regarded as the World's First-Ever & the Only E-commerce Marketplace for Business Solutions & Services. Founded by Dr. Rameshkumar in 2019, Yurja is now a team of market experts that analyze trends and accordingly devise ingenious growth strategies and business plans. Company has spruced up its deck with 1500+ eminent experts, more than 200 Ambassadors across India and more than 500 benefited customers around.  

Yurja is an open platform for all sects of the society to refer and earn. Corporate bodies, any business, homemaker, students or unemployed portion. 50 percent of the revenue is earned through the referred customer across the stretch. The concept is to bring in the change in society and will encourage the youth to play a prominent role in bringing value change in times of grims. The B2B2C distribution model that reaches out to Brand target audience. It is also meant to empower ‘Divyangs’, Special Ambassadors who have physical or mental disabilities to be self-reliant (Atma-Nirbhar).

Key Features: 

  • AI based Virtual Platform

  • Copyrighted Unique Business Model 

  • Richly experienced Advisory & Leadership Board 

  • Strong Industry Network cumulatively over 90+ years of proven track record

  • High quality, reliable and professional experts providing solutions & services under one platform

  • Strong Distribution Network, through Influencer & Ambassador Empowerment Programs

  • Thoughtful leadership with outstanding case studies

Challenges so far

There are companies and ventures who are getting incepted on a weekly basis, but sooner or later, 70 percent of it getting failed at some point due to lack of some technical or business terms. Raising funds, idea generation, stock, hiring policy and there are several points at which new ventures struggle and suffer. Dr. Rameshkumar understood these pain points of the budding ventures and came to their rescue. 2019 was the year when he built SSLR Consultancy LLP. He thought of creating a platform for seamless solutions to all ventures with any kind of business related advice and service at any point of day. 

Propound Solution

For creating smooth paths for other businesses, it has to face even for itself, Yurja is designated to invoke growth-oriented thinking and foster business transformations This initiative is helping reduce poverty and vulnerability among the financially unprivileged people. This is also backing small ventures, supports gender equality, closing the gap between the marginal group and society.

With a remarkable network of 25,000+ connects in the industry, Yurja Consultancy has the power of converting dormant assets into financial drivers for the micro economy in a diverse range of services and solutions in the sectors: 

Retail Finance, Wealth Management, Human Resource, Event Management, Financial Planning, Learning and Development, Advertising, Corporate Printing Logistics - Domestic and International, Travel & Tourism, Health & Wellness, Coaching, Consulting and Training, Talent & Production, Real Estate and Many. 

Yurja also mentors all their “Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors” with an exclusively designed world class training and mentoring program to sustain, scale and create value for their business, employees, customers, community, society, nation and world. The indigenous mentoring and training program has benefited over 7 million people from 90% of Fortune 500 companies in over 75 countries so far. 

Vision and Mission

Yurja envisions to establish as a Globally Trusted 360 Degree Business Solutions & Services Aggregator to the Mass, Class & Business Houses to meet their Short term & Long term Needs.

  • To bring comfort and convenience to the lives of all the sections of communities Retail, High Networth, Start-ups, MSMEs & Large Corporates. 

  • Build in core values of Trust, Transparency, Respect  and Excellence for a stronger professional network. 

  • Complimenting clients with strong creditworthiness and goodwill. 

  • Maximizing growth with E-Market opportunities.

  • Uplift the society and humanity at large.

  • Growing Nationally and expanding Globally.

Leaving Impact on Economy

Yurja creates and delivers an opportunity to Rural population and every individual whether graduates or under-graduates, Skilled or waiting to be skilled, by inviting and nominating them as our YURJA Influencers & Ambassadors to join our Affiliate Marketing & Sales Program. Thus providing an opportunity to earn through our Referral Income Initiative, by reaching out to people the rural belt citizens would know in their associates and friend groups and by networking on their social media circles. This simple but significant model will also contribute towards nation building in form of service charges and GST and of course GDP growth and networking for saving our economy. This model promotes inclusivity in society by inviting individuals, corporates and even "Divyangs" i.e. people from the disabled community as our Yurja Influencers & Ambassadors. 

Being a Service Aggregator Business Model, the idea is to bring comfort and convenience in the lives of millions across all the sections of the communities including citizens from the Rural belt viz. Farmers across all the States and villages. This has helped in bringing contribution to the Government in the form of Service charges and GST, that they would pay as it is a Volume based Business Copyrighted Model. 

Future Goals

  • The company’s future goal is to bring revolutionized changes and upgradation in the conventional business line. 

  • Yurja also has plans of conducting training modules and programs for influencers and Ambassadors associated to upscale and reinvent their own business with new ideologies and value addition, so that people associated with the venture will be maximum benefitted. 

  • Yurja is aiming to achieve success steadily but in a consistent manner, and most importantly in a sustainable manner, benefitting maximum the society then the venture itself. 

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